The Wellness Series // Rules to live by // part 3

24 March 2014

Sail gently, create rituals.

Condition your life to support you. Find ways to connect to yourself and do them every bloody day.
I'm talking about finding your version of sacred self-care.
Experiment and find what nourishes you on your soul level. Maybe its a morning ritual that gives you a little time away from the stress of your job, maybe its 5 minutes of meditation squeezed into your day, maybe it's moving your body in which ever way feels most expansive, maybe it's simply giving yourself space for not-doingness. Whatever it is, experiment, practice and ritualize it.
Disclaimer: this is a practice.
Life happens, emergencies will happen but don't beat yourself up if it takes a bit of time to settle in... it's taken me weeks and weeks to really settle into my self care rituals and implement them in my everyday life. Remember, the journey is the point, there is no "end-goal". Feeling good is the goal and it's a practice.
Make them non-negotiable.
Maybe it means letting your loved ones know that you will be unavailable in the morning while you do your meditation, maybe it means getting up an extra 15 mins earlier, maybe it means locking yourself in the shower room at work to do some yoga on your lunch (I'm a lover of that one!).....whatever it takes, do it. Try it out, see how you feel.

Make them realistic for your lifestyle.
Creating rituals doesn't have to take hours and hours of your day (I mean really...we have jobs and family people!) so carve out whatever time feels feasible to you. It's much better to start small and set yourself up for success early on.

Taking care of yourself means you are more able to receive; love, energy, connection. And we all want more love, energy and connection in our lives. Taking care of yourself means you will be better able to hear, see and feel which way to go in your life. Being tuned in to your desires and passions means lowering the static of stress, fatigue and anger.

(I will be creating more posts soon on self-care - let me know if you have any specific questions about how I can support you better in your self-care exploration!)


  1. I just want to be you Nicola.

    I need to carve out more me-time and not fill it with stuffing my face with junk food or lying on the sofa. I've not been to yoga in ages, but I'm finally moving to Balham so we NEED to get in contact soon about it all. Especially as I feel some big move-stress coming on x

  2. Loving this series, you make me want to have a lovely bath and take care of myself xxx

  3. Really liked this post, found it really interesting. Looking forward to more!
    Daniella x

  4. You are so much better at life than I am! I'm all over the place constantly.. great post xx

    PS we should meet up again soon, if all of your training is over now?


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