Thankful - a spring weekend edition

19 March 2014

For the sunshine and being able to spend the WHOLE weekend with Ben. We'd been looking forward to this weekend since the beginning of December and it was long overdue!
For this guy looking so very handsome.
For London. A city that truly shines in Spring.
This Goblin looking equal parts ridiculous and cute when he sleeps.
For being treated to a pair of Lululemon leggings as a graduation present from Ben. Seriously though, these pants are INCREDIBLE. So comfy, completely opaque, stretchy but firm, highly recommended. Now, 6 more pairs and then I'm set forever.
For Sunday morning yoga sessions in my giraffe onesie. Laugh all you must but yoga has never been so fun!
For nesting like crazy and finally having things in the flat coming together. I absolutely LOVE how things are shaping up!
For cuddles with these guys when I got home from a pretty intense yoga sesh at Hot Power Yoga that was filmed for Movement for Modern Life. Yup, filmed. For the internet. Oh my.
For Sunday afternoon walks around Clapham Common followed by tasty burgers at Hache. Yum diddly yum yum!
What a weekend. More please!


  1. I love Hache! Your weekend looks lovely. And I have massive envy of your beautiful figure, those leggings look amazing on you! And now I want to do yoga in a giraffe onesie too!

    Alice xx | The Cup and Saucer

  2. Sounds lovely. Goblin is the cutest !! I am obsessed with American Apparel leggings, I am building up my collection then when I throw them in the wash I have reserves to put on immediately. I practically live in them! And really loving how your new home is coming together :) x

  3. The figure on you girl! Wow! Sounds like a gorgeous weekend, glad you enjoyed! x

  4. I love all those pics of Goblin, he's so adorable! Glad you had such a wonderful weekend!

  5. Found your blog via My Froley- yay for giraffe-style yoga sweats! Cheers :)

  6. ARE THOSE CATS ON YOUR SCARF?!?!?! I'm in love!

    We have the same rug!! Isn't the greatest? Also, I want your body.


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