Midweek catch-up

26 March 2014

Monday started off weird when I woke up to find that I didn't have a baby and was really upset about it. In my dream (obviously) I loved having a little baby boy to hang out with and was really pleased that the pregnancy and birth was really easy. Like I'm talking seriously easy breezy, in and out of the hospital in an hour. Amazing. What did make me laugh though was how utterly unprepared we were. We had nothing, literally nothing ready for the baby when we got home. No nappies, no cot, no food, no blankets, no clothes, nada. This came to a bit of a head when I noticed that Ben was paying more attention to his new ps4 and not to the emergency situation we were dealing with! Oh dear.

Yesterday involved a complete meltdown on my way back from a venue viewing for my yoga classes. The meltdown was over what we were going to have for dinner and my complete inability to make a fucking decision. I won't go into details but I'm embarrassed by my behaviour. All I can say is hormones.

After 'dinner-gate' I promptly took myself into my yoga room and onto my mat while we waited for our food to be delivered. Fifteen minutes and a couple of headstand practises later I was raring to go. To watch an episode of Sherlock and relax on the sofa with my boys. Wild I know.

Tonight I'm planning on working on my website some more with Ben and hopefully putting some more business plans in motion. Then naturally the fun has to stop and I need to do some ironing. You win some, you lose some.

To round off this most random 'catch-up' post here are some of the things I have been loving lately...

// This blog.

// Choco yogi-tea. Oh my.

// The HeadSpace app. Meditation made easy. I'm now on the Take-15 journey and LOVING it.

// 2 months later and I can't live without doing my daily neti pot practice. Find out what you do here and the benefits here.

// The facebook page for my yoga business! If you fancy you can come over and check it out here.

// Seeking out & talking to a photographer that I love to work with for Spark Yoga. Magic will be created.

// Writing the posts for my Wellness Series. So much to share!!


  1. I did Headspace for a while, it was so good. I stopped and I'm not really sure why, but whenever I'm stressed I always go back to it. I'm just about to "Like" your FB page. Get hyped. x

  2. So exciting about your new business!! I always cause dinner-gate too, so don't worry lol! x


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