A post about following your dreams and becomming a kick ass yoga teacher!

14 March 2014

I did it.
I'm officially a Power Yoga Teacher.
Holy. Shit. Balls.
The last 5 weeks have been such a life changing experience that I don't even know where to begin in telling you all about it.
Maybe I should start with this, part of a post that I wrote back in October...
About five months ago I said to Ben in an off hand casual kinda way that I wanted to be a yoga teacher. Some day. Some day in the distant future. If I'm being honest at the time I was terrified to verbalise it in a real way for fear of what people would say and there was no way that I would've looked into doing anything about my dream.

But the Universe kept popping up and giving me hints; a conversations here, an article there, a passing comment, an inspiring class... I kept coming back to it. I remember Sas telling me to follow what you love and see what happens. So I did and after a while I told Ben that this is what I wanted and he said we would work on it coming a reality. Because he is pretty much the coolest and most supportive person I know. I've also been having a few life coaching sessions with a gorgeous lady who happens to be my yoga teacher and we have been thinking, scheming, exploring and expanding this dream of mine. The fear that I have surrounding this all (after all career changes are damn fucking scary) is melting away and I've started to make all this happen.

Last weekend I went to an Open afternoon at an inspiring training school in Clapham Common and it was like the Universe lined up and presented me with what I could ACTUALLY be doing in my life, I haven't been that excited in years.

So yeah, I've decided next year I'm doing this and there is nothing to be gained by waiting for five years, ten years, fifteen years to pass. I'm doing my yoga teacher training and I am making these scary but awesome changes.
At the time of writing this I had only just decided that I was going to do my yoga teacher training in 2014.
That was all the plan I had. I'd just made the decision and went about making it a reality.
I had a gut feeling about where I wanted to do it but no idea about where I was going to find the money or how I was going to carve out the space and time in my life to make it actually happen.
Fast forward a few coaching sessions (hashing out the resistance I was putting up for myself), lots of chats with Ben, a few tears, deciding on the exact course I wanted, butterflies in my tummy every time I thought about it, preemptively booking time off work before I was even enrolled, asking my sister to lend me the money to do the program, having an interview and then actually paying and being accepted, it became a REAL THING THAT I WAS GOING TO DO.
It wasn't a distant dream, it was reality.
Around came the 1st February and it all begun. I rocked up at Hot Power Yoga in Clapham and entered into what would later become known to us all as the big blue cave.
It was here that we spent 200 hours immersing ourselves in the program; meditation, practise teaching, posture workshops, chanting, pranayama (breathwork), assisting, journalling, crying (sometimes!),  transformational work and some emotionally intense discoveries.
This all accumulated last Saturday. The day of the practical and written tests.
Here we all are revising and studying away in the gap between our Asana practise in the morning and the tests! Not that we needed to stress though, we'd all done so much groundwork for this that we all rocked it!
The last day of this journey was Sunday, our graduation day.
What. A. Day.
I'm not going to talk to you much about the graduation ceremony as it was such a wildly personal and sacred experience but it was MAGICAL. Every single moment of it.
We received our test results (geek over here got 94%!!) and our certificates and I've never felt so proud in my life, not only of my own achievement but of all of my fellow yogi's too. I've already found a spot for my certificate in the flat!
You know what I have loved most about this journey? The fact that I've made life long friends. We're a team and a bloody solid one at that. Each and every one of those people in that picture up there holds a firm place in my heart and I'm so very lucky to have those people in my life. So a huge thank you to them for continuing to inspire me.

Never in my wildest WILDEST dreams could I have imagined that I'd be sitting here writing this post a year ago. Not one bit. A year ago today yoga was just something that I loved doing; something that brought me peace, ease and connection with myself. Now, thanks to that little dream, a lot of hard work and the program, it brings me all of those things but tenfold. The program has given me the tools not only to teach yoga but also to believe in myself and step into my life as a more powerful woman. I'm able to help others find a little more freedom and connection within themselves.
The next step?!?!
So much in the pipeline! At the moment I'm setting up my own business, Spark Yoga, which will be running classes in South London in a few weeks time hopefully. I am starting to take on private clients for one-to-one lessons, learning more about meditation, setting up my own workshops and I'm even teaching on a retreat in May with some incredible and inspiring women!
With regards to this space I'm ready to jump back in completely, its been really nice and refreshing to take a bit of time away but I've so much that I want to share with you!!  My main focus on expanding this blog home will be within  the Wellness Series; lots of exciting posts, guest posts and tips coming your way so stay tuned. I also plan to write an e-book this year too!!
Lastly, I would just like to say a huge THANK YOU to all the wonderful people that have supported me through the six months or so in making this dream of mine a reality. I am so grateful for you all.
p.s If you're thinking about doing a yoga teacher training program or are looking to explore your own practise in more depth Hot Power Yoga run a huge selection of open days, workshops, foundation programs and 200hr trainings throughout the year so have a browse around their website and contact them (or me) if you have any questions! I wouldn't recommend anyone else!


  1. oh my goodness, this made me sooo freakin' excited for you!! i can literally feel your exuberance from all the way over here and let me tell you, it is uplifting like nothing else. i'm so happy for you and i admire you for following your dream-your passion and i am SO glad i have been able to read along your journey. you really are an inspiration, i hope you know that :) lots of love, Nicola xox

  2. Nicola I was following your journey with a huge smile on my face and let me just say: CONGRATULATIONS! You did it and you should be so proud of yourself! X

  3. AMAZING! congratulations lady - I'm definitely going to be coming to you in the future! <3

  4. Congrats girl! So proud of you :)

  5. I'm so so so SO proud of you! You had a dream and you went for it. You are so incredibly inspiring and I'm so happy that good things are happening for you. You really do deserve all the happiness and amazing ness in the whole world! Thank you for sharing your journey & if I'm ever in London I'll have to look you up. In the mean time, I think you've just been the inspiration to not be afraid of going after my own dreams <3

  6. This is amazing Nicola, a huge congratulations!

    I've just started yoga and I'm absolutely loving it!!

    Gold Dust

  7. Nicola I'm so proud of you!! You've inspired me so much. I want to hightail it to London just to give you a really big hug.

  8. After reading this post I decided to take the first steps towards something that I want to take from a hobby to a passion. Thank you for the inspiration!

  9. Nicola, this is amazing!! Very inspirational. Congratulation on following and achieving your dream! It's such a lovely story and you look so happy in the photos. Good luck with setting up your own business :)

    I have never properly tried yoga and am trying to become a lot fitter by starting to run. I feel generally not flexible/unfit/overweight so yoga scares me a little, any tips for beginners?! I really would like to learn yoga and the wellness aspect really appeals to me, as I see meditation etc as a useful tool for my anxiety. I want to try yoga and not keep avoiding it haha!

  10. Congratulations!!! This is awesome! I'm smiling with you because I can feel your excitement while reading your pos :) You're such an amazing person and I'm so happy you found what you love doing. I wish I was living close so I could visit your yoga classes! :)

  11. Hey Nicola. Would love to find out more about your experience because I have been thinking about doing it for a while but fear not being able to make enough money from it.

  12. just found your blog right now and This is such an amazing post! I am also DESPERATE to do a yoga teacher training - and have been looking at different courses! So SO incredible that you've done it! YAY! So inspiring! I will def be keeping up with your yoga adventures! x

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