Londoners... Im teaching yoga soon, wanna come??!

12 February 2014

As you probably already know (it's been no secret here on this blog!) I'm currently training to become a yoga teacher and as part of my amazing course I will be teaching some of the community classes at Hot Power Yoga in Clapham over the next few Saturday afternoons!!

The community classes are in the Vinyasa-flow style of yoga and are taught by all the gorgeous yogi's that are on my course. The classes are all levels so everyone is welcome! If you are unsure of the style, Vinyasa means breath-synchronized movement, and the flow describes the way you will move fluidly from one yoga pose to another in rhythm with your breath.

Still not sure about what I'm talking about?
Basically you move your body, breathe, sweat and have tonnes of fun. And I'll be there moving, breathing, sweating and smiling too...when I'm not co-teaching that is!!
HOW CRAZY IS THAT?!! It's actually finally happening.

Unfortunately I wont know which Saturdays I will be teaching HOWEVER I will be attending most if not all of the classes myself and I would love it if you could make it to maybe one or two of them in the hope that I will be teaching at least one that you come to! If not then you can come, practice with me, help support my fellow students PLUS the more you do the fitter you become!

The dates that I might be teaching are as follows:
15th February
22nd February
1st March
8th March

All of the Saturday community classes have 5pm starts.

For those of you who have more flexible schedules there are also community classes on a Tuesday and Thursday at 10am if you would like to support us at those times too.

I would love to seee your face there, it would really mean the world to me!

You can find the website here and it's super easy to book online if you want to secure yourself a spot! Let me know if you can make it!

See you there xx


  1. I am so happy and proud for you! If I was there I would attend just meet you!

  2. Soooo exciting :D well done!! You are really doing it, it's happening, right now….living the dream :) xoxox

  3. So exciting !! I really hope I can make it :) xx

  4. Well done that girl! This is fab news x


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