Unravelling the year - finding my guiding word for 2014.

3 January 2014

At the start of each new year I like to spend some time reflecting on the year just gone and do my planning for the year that stretches out ahead of me. I know a lot of people like to do this all before the New Year is rung in but I find that time all a little much as it is without adding all of this reflection, releasing and planning on top of it. The first few weeks of the new year are my perfect time to give all this the thought that it deserves.
Space to breathe. Space to expand. Space to evolve.
2013 has easily been one of the most eye-opening, soul-awakening, authentic and trying years of my life and I'm so incredibly grateful for every moment. However I'm a little exhausted and I'm ready to release it all.
Just like last year I'm using Susannah Conway's "Unravelling The Year Ahead" workbook to guide me through the whole process.
This workbook is a GAME CHANGER so tomorrow night I'm heading round Sylwia's and we're going to support and guide each other through it. We will make some delicious food, light some candles, pour a glass of wine each and journal away . I can't explain how excited I am to have a buddy to do this with!
Even though I haven't started the workbook yet I know my word for 2014 already.
My word is EASE. 
It's a small, innocent sounding word I know, but for me and where I find myself at the start of this super exiting and equally scary year, it's perfect. This year will be challenging (moving house, yoga teacher training - eeeek!!!, new jobs, lots of change) and I'm looking to have ease guide me through.
After all, it's been showing up for me for ages now, cropping up again and again, making itself shown, teaching me new ways of doing things, ways with ease.
I'm going to let go of the struggle.
I'm going to move through my life with ease, freedom and movement.
I'm going to trust the process.
Head over HERE to Susannah's blog to download your own Unravelling The Year Ahead workbook and let me know how it goes! I want to know your word for 2014!!


  1. I'm the same, I'm far to busy for reflection until Christmas is over. I've just posted about my word of the year aswell! Good luck and I'm going to download the workbook myself! Thank you xx

  2. I printed the booklet out yesterday and am going to spend some time on it on Sunday. Lovely idea to do it with someone else. I've already decided on a word too: Nurture

  3. Happy new year beautiful lady. I hope this year brings everything you're hoping for <3

    Jennie xo |

  4. Happy New Year! I'm off to have a look at that workbook right now! x

  5. Argh, how did I miss this post?! Ease is such a good choice of word - especially to bear in mind with all your exciting changes that are happening. I hope that 2014 goes exactly how you want it to my dear! xx


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