Like a pig in sh*t

21 January 2014

This is what my evenings, weekends, lunch breaks and commutes look like at the moment.

A whole lot of yoga, expansion, meditation, reading (obviously - have you seen all of those books!?!), learning, questioning, journalling, some chanting thrown in for good measure and a little more reading.

And when I'm not knee-deep in all of this, you'll find me on my mat, moving, breathing, sweating and exploring.

When I'm not reading or on my mat you will find me packing up our gorgeous little flat in preparation for our move into an even more gorgeous (and much bigger) flat at the end of the month.

It's all rather brilliant. It feels good. Hard to balance and a little overwhelming at times yes, but good none the less.

I'll be taking this blog a little easy in the next few months in order to give myself the space that I need to fully show up throughout my training and get all of this juicy change feeling as good as I possibly can! 2014 is proving to be quite the year already!!

Love to you all xxx


  1. So exciting! Good luck with the move and the training, it sounds like a very promising year :) xx

  2. Have a wonderful time exploring everything! We'll be here, waiting for your stories :)


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