Lesson learnt.

7 January 2014

This picture has nothing to do with this blog post but everything to do with being beautiful. When you read the blog post you will understand why.
Let's start from the beginning yeah? For Christmas my Mum bought Ben and I a set of super duper chef's knives. I suppose after she had listened to us complaining about our shitty and very cheap IKEA knives for the past two years she decided that it was about time that we got ourselves some "proper" ones.
These knives are so cool. Bright yellow. Who wouldn't want bright yellow knives? We keep things classy and vibrant around these parts.
Cooking these past few weeks has been a total dream...easy, quick and none of that resorting to chopping up Turkey breasts with scissors. Those were sorry times.
Anyway, there I am, standing in the kitchen last night, dancing away to some of our designated "cooking tunes" and I start remarking about how much I "luuuuuurve our sharp knives" and "how quick I am chopping this! And with such easssseee" , when I discovered just how sharp they were.
Sliced my thumb up.
Didn't even feel it because it was THAT quick. The knives were THAT sharp.
A few swear words and 17 plasters later it had finally stopped bleeding.
Lesson learnt.


  1. I'm only a little embarrassed that I just Goolged "plasters UK" ...but I wasn't sure!

    My thumb hurts for your thumb!

  2. Love Alissa's comment!
    I always cut meat with scissors, it's quicker!
    Hope the thumb heals quickly xx

  3. Oh now! cut fingers are like the worst!!! Hope it feels better soon. Also, what are plasters? hhaha

  4. Beautiful pictures. Aww wish your thumb better xx

  5. great things have danger inside them. glad that you're ok now though. in indonesia we also call it plaster ;)

  6. I'm all for cutting meat up with scissors, so slack.

    I bought a new knife yesterday as our blade flew off the old one, surprisingly close to my eye and I'm waiting for an incident like this to happen. I hope your thumb has recovered. xxx

  7. I have shitty knives too. now.. I like my fingers, so I don't know if I'm gonna get good ones too soon. :d

    imeowlife. ,Dixx

  8. Ouchh! I hope your thumb is okay now! <3

    Jennie xo |

  9. I'd stick to the scissors if I were you! ;) x


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