Feeling inspired.

8 January 2014

I feel most inspired and at peace when i'm actively looking after myself.
(And by 'looking after myself' I don't mean styling my hair, getting regular waxes and putting my slap on every day, even though that stuff is super nice)
What i'm talking about here is sacred self care.
Finding what really nourishes me on a soul level and doing that.
The last few weeks have been a total struggle. Lots of change, lots of the unknown and lots of 'stuff' to schedule in and sort out. All of this was making it difficult for me to feel that I was doing a lot what I love; practise yoga, read, meditate, write, eat healthy food and spend time with my boys.
So yesterday after waking up feeling like a wound up ball of string I decided to go about my day creating moments to feel nourished.
  • I wore my comfy leggings to work.
  • I took my warm water and lemon drink to take on the tube with me in a cute little flask.
  • I spent 10 minutes on my lunch meditating (much needed after talking to estate agents all morning )
  • I spent 30 minutes of my lunch reading a book ready for my teacher training next month.
  • I booked in a yoga class for the evening and gave my new yoga clothes and awesome mat bag for a spin.
  • I prepared a chocolate chia pudding as a treat after my yoga class.
All little things yes, but when I went to bed last night I felt more rested that I had been in weeks.

My yoga class gave me the opportunity to breathe and to let all of the other little self-care acts integrate. Stepping on my mat gave me the opportunity to bring myself fully to the present moment and to let all the thoughts of the future/flat hunting/job hunting/ego slide away.

That's the thing about yoga, its undeniably grounding.

I suppose what I am trying to say is...
Find what makes you feel nourished and inspired and do more of that. And remember that sometimes it's the smallest actions that can make the biggest difference.


  1. It's so lovely to see you feeling so positive and inspired! It inspires me to feel more positive <3

    Jennie xo |

  2. Yey for sacred self care, AND yoga!! That bag is really cute xo

  3. I don't take nearly enough time to look after myself but your posts always inspire me to do so more. Glad you did these little things and hope your feeling much more fabulous xxx

  4. It's so true though - sometimes you have to schedule in that 'me' time in order to be a better balanced person as we get so busy.

  5. This is so great Nicola! I think taking the time to properly look after yourself makes a HUGE difference- I am so bad at it though. Must make more of an effort!

    Alice xx| The Cup and Saucer


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