Carving out a little time.

23 January 2014

Earlier this week, Ben and I carved ourselves out a free evening. Just us, taking it easy, wandering around Central London, mooching and shopping and eating.
It was just what we needed after things being so busy busy busy around here. Just taking a few hours for ourselves upped our energy for the rest of the week.
(which was MUCH needed)
We headed to Byron for hearty burgers followed by some delicious desserts.
As per usual, Ben wasn't too happy about being told to "STOP" and "PAUSE" whilst I took a picture for this blog right here.
On the other hand, I had a few minutes spare to pause and take a pic before I ate every last bit of this slightly warm and gooey brownie.
We dragged ourselves home and went straight to bed to sleep off our meals!
In other news, our flat is looking MUCH less than perfect at the moment whilst we pack everything away. If there is one thing I cannot stand, it's living in a messy, unorganised space.
Case and point:
And that was just 10minutes in.
Bring on next Friday already! New space, new start!! Exciting!!


  1. I hate having things messy and in boxes too! Good luck with your move :)

  2. my fiance & I are moving into a new place next month. I'm excited to have more space. but if only our stuff could magically transport there? I am not looking forward to the packing, the boxes, and the unpacking. keep your eye on the end result!! it'll be worth it!! xo - chels @

  3. Oh hot daym that pudding looks good. I've been to Byron a few times but never had dessert there, (usually too full after my oreo milkshake), but next time I'm hitting up that chocolate brownie for sure!

  4. OH byron burgers are amazing at the best of times, but that brownie looks FAB. Take me, now. Please xxx

  5. I can't stand living in a messy space either! And that brownie looks soooo good!
    Daniella x

  6. Byron is always a great shout! Lee never lets to take photos of him - fuming! I hope all the packing etc goes well! x

  7. What a lovely blog, just followed you on bloglovin :)

    Mon Petit Billet

  8. Ben's face cracks me up :) And that dessert looks soooooo yummy!
    I don't like moving either, the packing always gets to me, but I do like setting up the new home and make it all special and put all the effort into decorating it. Nothing better than enjoying it when it's finally done :) Hang in there, it'll be done soon!

  9. obsessed with Byron! beautiful post xx


  10. Carving out time is always good... and on a related note I actually had a whole friday, saturday and sunday of not wanting to be near the internet this weekend, and it was amazing. Also I found a new great burger place for your next date night: Meat Liquor

    I promise I'll answer that e-mail thread I started at some point today/tomorrow - I'm so lame



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