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29 January 2014

Packing is going well...
I'll spare you the pictures that I took of the rest of the flat as they're utterly tragic.
Instead today I'll show you some pictures of our new little home! We went over there last night to measure some spaces and see how things are progressing on decorating wise and we couldn't be happier! Here it is...
This is the living room...
My favourite part of this room is the fireplace and shelving. I can't wait to get my hands on arranging them, adorning the fire place with candles and incense, putting up all of my yoga books and giraffe's. We ordered this rug for in here as we wanted something quite funky and I think that it will bring a lot of our furniture together.
This is the kitchen, but that was pretty obvious right?
Those tiles. That tap. That cabinet. Those drawers. Swoon. Oh and we have a little balcony too. Hello mini herb garden!!
This is our bedroom. There are actually two of those cupboards (one on the other side of the room) which means that we don't need to fork out for wardrobes or share hanging space! Bonus! In terms of furniture, last night we bought this bed and this chest of drawers. Keeping things nice and simple in here.
And this room I left for last because it is my favourite. My own little yoga studio. Gosh, I can't tell you how thankful I am to Ben for letting me have this room and how excited I am to get my hands on it and start crafting my own little sacred space. Exciting times!!!
Once we are all in and things are starting to settle I'll post a few more pictures!
Now, time to start psyching myself up for the mess and packing that will be commencing in about 3hrs time. Anyone wanna take over?


  1. what a lovely little space!! How exciting :)

  2. Ohh those shelves - I'm jealous!!!

    Jennie xo |

  3. How cute! Jealous of the fire place!

  4. I love love love moving. For some weird reason. Well except for the bit when the van comes and you have to start lugging your heavy furniture out the door. I'm adoring your shelves but am a bit concerned about the yoga studio.... you actually could have turned that into a walk in wardrobe !!! Ok but each to their own. How very exciting ! (and thanks for being so supportive ;)

  5. I LOVE it!!!!! Seriously, I'm dying over the stove and the fireplace and shelving. I'll be moving into your yoga studio ;)

  6. I'm so excited for you guys! I can't wait to see the pictures once you've decorated that beautiful home of yours :)

  7. so exciting!



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