A last minute date night..

15 January 2014

Saturday night, 6pm. I'd just gotten home from my inspiring day at the Project Hot B*tch Workshop and into my pyjamas when I threw out the idea that we should go have ourselves an impromptu date night. As I'd been hankering Ben to go to my favourite thai (The Peppertree in Clapham) for weeks he relented and we put on our finest clothes and headed out. Last minute dates are the best!
It's a bit odd now that I would regard leggings, my favourite comfy wedge trainers and a vest top as my 'finest clothes' but that's what comes from wearing yoga pants all the time. How things have changed. It's all about being comfortable people.
After thai (unfortunately not pictured as it was one of those yummy meals you just don't waste time taking pictures of) we headed for a glass of wine at a nearby bar and then back down to Balham for dessert at Hagen & Hyde.
As you can see... dessert was amazing. I had to beg to take a picture of the dessert as Ben wanted to get stuck in. As you can see....he wasn't best pleased...
I however was happy as a bug after all the comfy clothes, thai food, red wine and dessert. Going somewhere specifically to just have dessert? Favourite new tradition!!
These kind of nights are gonna be a little sparse for the next few months as things are being ramped up big time. Lots of change. Lots of commitments.
We actually counted this morning (don't ask why) and realised that we don't have a weekend together, just us two, for another 10 weeks. TEN WEEKS.
Absence makes the heart grow fonder. Right. RIGHT???  Tell me that's true eh!!!


  1. Aww lovely pictures! Looks like you had a lovely night :)
    Keeley's Wardrobe | Bloglovin

  2. Date night are the best!
    haha I always make Matt wait while I take a picture of the food, poor guy.

    {Teffy's Perks} X

  3. Such a wonderful night out - spontaneous dates are the best! :)
    And yes, absence does make the heart grow fonder, I promise I know what I'm talking about ;)

  4. Last minute date nights are always a good idea! :)

  5. i am starting the tradition of going somewhere for desert. i did it on sunday afternoon so i could have profiteroles and thought of you :)

  6. Oh I loved this post! It made me so happy for you and your little Balham life! :) Also - going somewhere different specifically for dessert is GENIUS! And yes, absence does make the heart grow fonder and 10 weeks? nada. it'll fly by and then it's nearly(?) Spring (if Britain gets its act together!) yay!
    Bella xxx

  7. You guys are so cute! x



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