Life is a funny thing / yet again another list coming your way...

30 April 2013

Life has been good to me lately.
Busy, but oh so good.
I suppose it's why I haven't been around these parts as much as I used to (commenting, stalking, tweeting etc) but I am hoping that things will start to settle now and I can find a routine that means more time to blog. Or I stumble across a part-time job that pays the same as my current full time job. That would be nice too.

(Today's post will be a series of random thoughts/things/links/opinions delivered in a good old list.)
In May I have decided to take part in Jenni's "Blog every day in May" challenge which I am actually really excited about! I'm thinking of it as a kick up the proverbial blog bum.
Talking of bums. Mine seems to be getting bigger despite losing some weight. I have yet again ripped two of my work dresses around the bum this week and it is only fecking Tuesday. I feel sorry for Ben and Sylwia who will have to deal with the fallout of this situation.
Last night me and Ben spent an extortionate amount of money and time in Sainsbury's, Boots and the trusty Poundstore. It was one of those shopping trips where you have to stock up on EVERYTHING. Cat litter, dishwasher tablets, kitchen roll, toothpaste, mascara, dinners for the week, wine, fresh veg, washing tabs, loo roll, face wipes, bleach, mouthwash....the list was huge and it sure added up to a hefty amount. Carrying it all home was difficult to say the least.
My weekend was awesome.
Saturday was spent chilling out watching films with Ben and Goblin (Goblin actually watches the films - is this normal??) before getting all dressed up and dolled up to go for dinner and drinks for our friend's birthday!
It was quite weird getting ready at 4pm and leaving the house while the sun was shining and kids were still about but it all felt more normal as soon as we got a few jugs of cocktails in.
Saturday night was also super amazing because I got to meet the hilarious Michelle for the first time! As a way of saying "Hi" she actually grabbed my aforementioned bum and from that point on I knew we were going to get on perfectly! We had such a laugh with these guys that I am very much considering a trip to San Francisco to go visit them!!
^^ I don't know what we were doing here so don't ask! ^^
^^ Pure Bromance ^^
^^ We weren't keen on having normal pictures taken of us. ^^
Sunday morning was tough.
But we dragged our asses out of bed and went down to East Grinstead to spend the day with Ben's family.
We ate, we snoozed, we read, we watched terrible films (The Brothers Grimm), we ate some more, we snoozed some more and I spilled boiling hot tea all over Ben's foot.
It was a good day.
Oh before I dress for Saturday was only £13.
Don't I look chuffed as a snug bug?? I still am chuffed about it.
You can find the dress here and my shoes here too.
Discovering these pants in the Poundstore made my day yesterday.
Should I buy them? Model them on here maybe?!!
I'm thinking yes.


26 April 2013

I have been REALLY missing little Lolly. This one is half cat/half monkey I'm sure, she climbed up my FULL BODY one morning to rest on my shoulder. It was quite impressive considering she was only about 10cm tall at the time. I have started to demand that my sister sends me a picture every day of her. Too much? Probably. 
I hung out with some very handsome men on Wednesday. We went for a few drinks and some gorgeous food at the Fitzrovia Belle  on Tottenham Court Road. Well worth a visit as the food was gorgeous and they even do promotions on wine some days, which meant that I could totally justify having four glasses of Chiante. It was on SALE!!!
I discovered this photo of Goblin on Ben's phone. Made me laugh silly amounts. I am thinking that a GIF needs to be made over this...
I have begun to re-organise some of the crap stuff in my life. Using old plant pots as a way to store all my brushes and daily hair products is a favourite of mine at the moment. I keep on wanting to get rid of all our plants to fuel this obsession. Watch out plants.
I have also decided that I am due for a big de-clutter in general, so ladies now is the time to 'accidently on purpose' come round to visit as I am sure you will leave with a handful of beauty goodies that I am just not using... Just a little heads up there!!
Plans this weekend??

A totally useless breakthrough and SPRING IS HERE!!!!!

23 April 2013

This may not be a big deal for all you watermelon lovers, but for me it really is. I have always hated watermelon. I am sure something happened when I was a little kiddo that gave me bad memories of it; maybe someone smooshed it on my face, maybe I had a bad chunk from a bad watermelon, maybe I choked on it for a while?
Who knows.
The point of the matter is that pretty much every time someone has offered me some watermelon they have been disgusted shocked by me not wanting a big slab of it. Something about it being super hydrating and good for you. I just don't like it.
But today... I was feeling a little adventurous! In my super healthy lunch fruit platter (what a mouthful!) there was a whole section just for watermelon. And I decided that I would eat it ALL.
I really don't know why, I just did.
And it wasn't that bad.
Certainly not as bad as this.
But still not my favourite.
I honestly don't know why I am telling you all this, but it was the first thing that popped into my head.
You know what else is a big deal??
The fact that SPRING IS HERE!!!!!!!
It's glorious.
And I love it.

The finest of weekends...

22 April 2013

I woke up this morning and for about five minutes thought it was Sunday morning. It was glorious.
The few minutes after I realised it was Monday were not so nice. So I decided to go back to sleep. Who needs to spend more than fifteen minutes to get dressed and made up anyway?!
Not me.
I didn't want the weekend to be over because it was so lovely.
Saturday was spent with Claire at the UK Yoga Asana Championships.
It was weird and fun at the same time.
One minute we were finding ourselves getting completely caught up and really rooting for the contestants, willing them to keep balanced and in posture properly, and the next minute we were texting the boyfriends and wandering when the floor postures would be over with. (They hadn't thought everything through properly as the stage was quite low and the seating wasn't raised enough, which made watching the floor postures impossible.)
So yeah, weird and fun!!
Saturday night was spent chilling out with Ben and Goblin. I did a little reading before giving up to ogle over Thor for the rest of the evening.
Sunday morning was spent finishing Child 44 which Sam lent me a few weeks ago.
This book was amazing!!! It kept me completely gripped and emotionally involved throughout the whole story.
A definite must read.
I even read it whilst having my bath in the morning which was quite a big deal for me as I really hate my hands being dry when I am in the bath!! I have never managed to not dunk my hands in the bath, book in tow before, so was rather proud of myself.
Gosh, that makes me sounds sad.
Sunday afternoon we had Alex over to visit so we basically ate all day. Pulled pork buns, cookies, crisps, dips, chocolate, popcorn. You name it, I probably ate it yesterday.
(Just want to point out that I only got a handful of the popcorn before the boys got their hands on it. So unfair!)
After we stuffed our faces, watched a few films and took a (much needed) nap we headed out to meet Claire and Krissy to congratulate them on their awesome marathon success and to have a much needed G&T.
I am hoping that when I wake up tomorrow it is actually Sunday again. Wouldn't that just be so lovely??

A thank you and linky linky things..

18 April 2013

Goblin bought me flowers on Tuesday.
Aren't they gorgeous??
I have a suspicion that he is trying to get a mention on here as there was A LOT of love for Lolly yesterday (what did he expect??) and he is feeling a little left out. Well you are in luck Goblin as flowers are the way to my heart blog. Thank you so much, they put a massive smile on my face :)
Today I thought I would do a kind of "linky linky thingy" (proper English is escaping me today..) of all the awesome things I have been seeing around the internet the past few days.
+ Nouvelle helping you try to find the right foundation shade.
+ Some of my most commented on posts are those ones where I talk about my approach to self-care and how I am learning to treat myself with kindness and compassion (here). If that is your kind of thing head on over to The Perfectly Imperfect Project where there is a whole bunch of gorgeous and inspirational women shedding light on the topics of self-love and self-care.
+ Everything on here, here and here. Big laughs...
+ These prints by my gorgeous gorgeous friend Susan. I am so lucky to have one of these up in our flat. So talented!!
+ Jamie G. Dougherty's take on living a well fed life.
And just to finish off...Goblin as a tiny kitten:
And Goblin as he is now.. about 84 times the size:

5 awesome things I have done so far this April..

17 April 2013

^^ Spending time looking after the gorgeous little Lolly ^^
Lolly was one of my sisters birthday presents from her boyfriend and part of the surprise meant that me and Ben got to look after her last week.
My. Heart. Melts.
She was just the smallest, second most beautiful cat in the world and I miss her squeaks so much!!
^^ Having Tash and Sean up in London to celebrate Tash's 21st Birthday ^^
As you can see, we consumed our fair share of booze. And yes, that is Tasha biting my face. And yes, it did bloody hurt.
Actually, if I am being honest, I cannot be certain that it really hurt. After 6 porn star cocktails, two bottles of prosecco and some shots, my pain receptors were a little squiffy.
^^ Spending the day with Sylwia exploring the V&A Museum ^^
Half way through the day my beloved flip flops broke. Which meant that I walked around without shoes on for about 40 minutes. Judging by the looks I received, apparently people really don't approve of this.
^^ Drunken Sunday evenings with Sam and Harriet ^^
The warmest day of the year so far and these chumps wear their winter coats and scarves. I suppose in London you just cannot count on the weather!
^^ Time spent with Goblin ^^
How is your month going to far??

5 things I don't understand and a sort of Happy Birthday to my little sister....

12 April 2013

First things first, thank you all so much for your kind words on yesterday's post. You guys are the bomb diggity.
Last night Sylwia came over to mine for dinner, some wine and a good old catch up. It was a pretty lovely evening and I have a feeling I may have even won her over to venturing south of the river a little more!

Today let's talk about things that I don't understand...
(stolen completely from this gorgeous lady. she won't mind, it will be my sofa she stays on when she comes to visit!!)

1. Why I can go the whole week without craving alcohol whatsoever and then as soon as Friday 3pm hits it's like my body goes "GIVE ME A PORNSTAR NOW"??
(and by pornstar I mean the cocktail: talked about here)

2. Why I wasn't born in a country that is blessed with gorgeous sunny weather all year round??
It doesn't even need to be hot sunny weather, just sunny.
Like Colorado..every time I have been there it has been SUNNY. Not always hot, but definitely sunny.

3. Why I don't live closer to Alissa, Shay, Michelle and Jenni ?? Because I sure would love to get to know them in real life too...

4. My sister is turning 21 tomorrow and I cannot wrap my head around this. Since when did she become a grown up? When did I become an even older grown up big sister???

5. Why Tasha and her friends at school dressed up like this:
Or decided it would be a good idea to drink a whole bottle of Malibu at some random house party a few years ago and run around the garden dressed like this...
At least this weekends festivities will be a little classier. I hope.

I need a holiday & some thoughts on this blog thing...

11 April 2013

It's April.
I'm still wearing my winter boots. (That's about 20 weeks of constant wear now - eek)
I'm still wearing my woolly hat.
And my flip-flops are nowhere to be seen.
It's grey and it's rainy. Again.  
(Dad & Wendy this is picture is for you - excited about coming back to the UK??)
This crabby weather is wreaking havoc with my sanity creativity.
Take yesterday. I had a blank post open for hourrrssss and I had nothing to say. Nothing of worth, nothing that would be interesting to anyone and nothing that I felt I 'should' put down and put out there.
It wasn't the first time this has happened but it was the first time I became really aware of it and how I felt about it...There was this guilt that popped up instantly because I had no desire to write nonsense (I know - wtf??!) and no desire to work at it, to push through and write anyway.
So I closed the page, let go of the guilt and put it to rest for the day.
I walked away. I didn't push.
Let me tell you now, that this was a big deal for me.
There are few things in my life that I have worked on consistently as much as this blog.
My (weird) little blog is a year and a few months old now. I have written 200 posts. I have made friends all over the world and I have invested myself fully into it. In the past when I haven't posted I felt guilty and as a result all the fun gets sucked out of blogging.
To take a step back and say to myself yesterday that it is totally fine not to post and more importantly not to worry or feel guilty about it, was a big step for me.
I was treating myself with complete kindness and compassion.
I was silencing that nasty voice in my head that says 'You must do this/that or you are a failure'.
If I don't want to write, that's okay.
If I want to write, that's okay.
If I want to write complete and utter nonsense, that's okay.
If I want to post pictures of  just Goblin and nothing else, that's okay.
If I want to post pictures of my feet, that's okay.
If I am going through a creativity slump (I blame the weather completely), then that's okay.
Being kind to myself and letting go of guilt and pressure may be the hardest thing I have ever tried to do. But I will try and I will try bloody damn hard. I deserve to be kind to myself.
For now I am going to take a breath and just see what happens...
Have a good weekend folks & go easy.


9 April 2013

Spring came.

And then left.


Well, now that I have that out of my system and into the internet I can move onto some more serious matters. Such as...

Was it okay to drink hot toddy's laced with (lots of) whiskey at 10am both Saturday and Sunday?

Why have I worn the same socks today as I did yesterday when I have hundreds of pairs to choose from?

What is the best way to have my Apple Cider Vinegar in the morning? With just water? With lemon and water? Oh the choices...

Actually why can't Apple Cider Vinegar just taste nicer?

Why can't my hands be smaller?

Why didn't I think to put a towel down at the top of my mat to stop my hands from slipping in Downward Dog earlier? After weeks of slipping around, problem solved.

Why does my brain seems to be churning out nothing but stupid questions and thoughts today?

Looks like we will never know the answer to that last one so that folks, is all I have got for you today...

If you unfollow I really won't hold it against you!

The last few weeks..

7 April 2013

Nothing new to report from over here in Balham. I have spent the last few gloriously sunny days either in bed or on my sofa resting and it's getting reallllllyyy old if you ask me. A girl can only take so much. 
So what I thought I would do is put together one of those generic 'this is what I have been up to the past few weeks' filler posts... and hopefully in the week my brain will click back into normal mode and you will get back your witty Nicola..or something like that.. 

Me & Ben enjoyed a gorgeous date night at The Savoy:
I spent time with Tash sorting out her new swanky flat, and in return she gave me her favourite bracelet as a thank you:
We spent Easter Sunday eating glorious amounts of cake and drinking lots of tea wine: 
 I also wacked out my 'bunny face':
Bank Holiday Monday was spent enjoying the beautiful Victoria and Albert Museum.
And this weekend has been filled with sleep, coughing (gross), eating cake and welcoming my newest giraffe to the flat. Isn't he gorgeous??
Now, let's all hope that I start to feel better soon. For everyone sake. 
How are all of you Rugrats???