Our Sunday Dream Team.

30 January 2013

I love a good tradition. My favourite one is the "Sunday Dream Team Get Together". Me, Ben, Rick and Holly. It's probably one of my favourite times of the week. We alternate who makes dinner and I look forward to heading over to there's as Holly is an AMAZING COOK. The woman even makes her own tzatziki!! Safe to assume that the dinners at ours aren't quite so delicious! 
There is always a fair share of red wine, smiles, prosecco, delicious food and pyjama's involved. As you can tell we like to keep things casual in these parts of South London. I wouldn't want to spend my Sunday evenings any other way. 

A post about London.

29 January 2013

Last year I wrote a post for Samantha about living in London. I never posted it here but as I really enjoyed writing it and the fact I have gushed about London so much lately it seems rather appropriate to share it with you guys. Hope you enjoy :)
Here I am looking all tanned and summery. Damn the British winter...
London. My little home.
As you can probably tell by the name of my blog I live in a little spot south of the river called Balham...and here it is on a tube map just so you know exactly where it is;
I have lived in Balham for four years now and this part of the city has well and truly stolen my heart. I became a woman here, I made some amazing friends here, I even found love here and these past few years have just been the best time of my life. What is weird about this place though is how it has changed me as a person. How it has changed the way I think, the way I react to things, the way I see the world...and here is why I think London is a little slice of crazy..

I am NEVER shocked by what people are wearing now. Like EVER. Case and point...these two were wearing these outfits out and about on a Saturday afternoon at Borough Market. Yes I looked twice and yes I took a picture. But I didn't think it was unusual. brave? yes. unusual? no.
I can walk/text/read a book and navigate the busy streets of London without even glancing up. It is quite a skill you know. And one that you learn VERY QUICKLY out of necessity.

My patience for public transport doesn’t exist anymore. If I have to wait more than 3 minutes for a tube this is UNACCEPTABLE. I pay god knows how much for a monthly tube pass and waiting longer than that simply sends me over the edge.
I have even less patience for people who get to the barrier at the tube exit and haven’t got their oyster card out ready. YOU KNOW YOU ARE GOING TO NEED IT SO GET IT READY BEFOREHAND.
(commuter rage)

Londoners sure know how to drink and we very much get to the point when we do it. After work drinks usually don't include food so I usually prepare beforehand to minimise the possibility of a late night McDonald's trip. No-one likes to be the drunk hungry girl swaying whilst ordering a happy meal.
(There I am drinking sangria out of a plastic cup. Gotta keep the classy/trashy balance somewhere.)

I experience weather in an entirely different way in London. Summer is too hot, winter too cold, autumn represents the loss of summer and spring the hope of summer. Disappointment flies around like a plague and is inescapable in London. The poor weather over here just can’t win.
I never in a million years thought that my sense of personal space would fly out the window so completely and utterly by simply commuting in London. The quickest way to acquaint yourself with true ‘London living’ is to take the Northern line at 8am in the morning. It's an exquisite human version of Tetris, and I promise you will never see or experience anything like it.
Sometimes on a Saturday afternoon it feels like I live deep in the suburbs. Away from all the hustle bustle of the city. We have cute food markets in school playgrounds, quaint coffee shops filled to the brim with vintage crap, a green leafy common nearby and you literally cannot move in Starbucks for prams. What I forget is that the city is only a 15minute train ride away.
I find myself completely and utterly freaked out when I go on holiday, or stay in the country for a few nights and there is no background noise. The sirens and the trains and the drunken people wandering around and shouting profanities strangely comfort me. I find it very difficult to sleep when it is completely silent now.
Me and my friends can go on a girls night out and always get home safe and sound. None of us drive cars in London – there is no point at all and we always rely on the tube or a bus or a cab.

And for the final point I would say how beautiful I think this city is. When I am out and about at the weekend exploring I am constantly thankful that I get to live here. The architecture, the history, the crazy people, the buzz of the place... it is all magical and if you do ever get a chance to come and visit I promise you will love it.

We are all very attractive people...

28 January 2013

After my incredibly hectic Saturday I scrubbed up nice and proper and took a trip up to Covent Garden with Ben for some drinks with some of my favourite people. Looking at this pile of coats and scarves you would be fooled into thinking we lived in the Arctic or there were about 50 of us at this gathering.
Very much like you would expect after four or so cocktails and numerous glasses of wine... things went downhill. Our true and incredibly attractive selves came out.

As you can see we are quite the awesome bunch of people. If you would like to hang out with us sometime (why wouldn't you? just look at us!!) just ping me an email with a mug shot of your 'silliest face' and I will see what I can do.
We left central at about midnight and after indulging in a much needed Burger King on the way we stepped off the train and into a monsoon. Ben being a true gentleman looked over at my little face, thought about how much he loved me, winked, then gave me his coat to hang over my head and keep me dry.
Instead he sprinted off home without me, not missing a step to look back and see if I had been flushed away down Balham High Road.
Which by the time I caught up with him in the lift, it certainly looked like I had been.

My saturday...

26 January 2013

This morning: Cups of tea and biscuits in bed. Reading till noon (book here). Snuggles with main man Goblin. 
Now: Bum on sofa, cup of tea in hand, watching The Hills. 
In about 15 minutes: Cuddles with Ben when he gets home. Suppose I won't be able to watch The Hills with him back though. 
Tonight: Seeing Taffy and then cocktails, laughs and fun times up in central. 
It has been one busy day for me...suppose I better go and get myself looking presentable.  
How is your weekend panning out??

A list of things I may or may not do...

25 January 2013

These are the things that I probably should do this weekend...but probably won't.
Iron Ben's shirts.
Drink less wine.
Not talk to Goblin like he knows what I am actually saying.  
Write up a few blog posts.
Style my hair.
Actually get dressed.
Eat less chocolate.
Wear sensible shoes for drinks in central Saturday night.
Or at least take flat shoes in my bag.
Cook a meal from scratch.
Bake some cookies or cupcakes. (Harriet, fancy helping??)
I predict that a good 3/4 of that list will remain undone but a girl needs to set herself goals now.
What is your to-do list looking like for the weekend?

My name is Nicola and I can be (am) stupid...

24 January 2013

There are lots of things that I do that are stupid. Here are a few of them. Because we can't all be smart.

1. Most days I go for a walk on my lunch around The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. I like to stretch my legs, get some fresh air and shake off my desk job for a while. I spend 40 minutes exploring and discovering the area. It's hands down one of the favourite parts of my day.
But what's stupid about my walks?? About three times a week I get lost on my walk. And every single time I get lost I forget that my whilst my iphone is fantastic at taking pictures, it can also act as a map.
2. Believing that I won't do stupid things when I get dressed in the dark. Only yesterday morning I put on TWO pairs of knickers. It was only when I put on my jeans that I noticed.

3. Spending half an hour after we have hoovered searching for Goblin and only finding out where he was hiding when we gave up and sat ourselves down on the sofa.
 He really does hate the hoover. And really does squeal when we sit on him.

4. Naming my blog 'Our little Balham life'. I get asked all the time what I will do if we move out of Balham. I have never once answered this question properly...I usually just take another swig of my wine and forget I was ever asked.

5. To think that if I ask Alex to take a photo of me and Ben that this won't happen;

6. Watching this many shots of Jager be poured and to think I will remain unscathed.
No such luck Nicola.

7. To have six glasses of red wine and naively think that I won't be hanging out of my arse the next day.

8. Thinking I still act lady like when i'm drunk. So very wrong of me.

9. Acting oh so clever wearing a black bra to work the day of this party thinking it will look totally fine under my black lace dress. And later realising/remembering that it has bright purple straps.
After reading all that don't you feel a million times better about yourself??

A Snowy London...

22 January 2013

Yesterday morning I walked to work. Again. Tfl was doing it's usual 'no, no, no, couldn't possibly cope in the snow' so Ben and I decided to get up that little bit earlier and get our exercise on. Thighs of steel and a firm bum here I come. HA, dream on Nicola! Despite it being freezing cold we couldn't help but smile at how Clapham Common seemed even more beautiful with the added blanket of snow.
(Why is it that the 'arms open wide pose' only comes out when drunk or in snow pictures? Gets me.)
An hour and a half of uninterrupted time with my favourite person? I'm gonna call that a breakfast date. One of my favourites yet and a brilliant way to start the day.
At the edge of the common we encountered this snowball. It completely amazed me.
When I was younger, me and my sister would love playing out in the snow..making snow angels and having mad snowball fights but I have no memories whatsoever of making snowmen! How does this kind of thing happen? I am certain that I would have been terrified of a snowball of that size. How do you even get them that big???

Tash I think you should come over so we can make snowmen.

Oh and snow? You can stay.

This is a post to distract myself.

18 January 2013

I get distracted by the simplest of things. A piece of chocolate, a silly picture, something sparkly, something gross, something own thoughts have been known to distract me on occasion. It's usually a bad thing, but today it is a good thing. I want to be distracted. Because it is keeping my mind off how much I cannot stand this country when it snows. Everyone loses their minds, everyone panics and everything seems to stop. And it's contagious. I have started to panic about how we're going to get to Kent tonight for the party, how long it might take and how we are going to get back tomorrow. I keep checking the trains for updates and hoping that they don't get worse. I keep checking the weather, twitter and facebook. I can't help it.
So this is me stopping. And sharing with you some pictures that I took when me and Tash went to the Jingle Bell Ball at the o2 in December.
It was a brilliant evening.
The line-up included; Girls Aloud, The Wanted, Calvin Harris, Tinie Tempah, Example and Pink.
It was one of the best gigs that I have ever been to.
Made 100 times better because poor Tash was in a full leg plaster cast, so we were treated like VIP's and got moved to the disabled area just one tier up. We had an amazing view and tonnes of space!!
Poor little Tash...
As per usual Pink was amazing (we are huge fans!!!!) and completely blew us away. Spending time with the best sister in the world wasn't half bad either.
Love you sis-wa.