Yoga with my two favourite boys

22 November 2013

After what seems like weeks of Ben complaining of a sore back and neck I finally got him on the mat last night to remedy that situation with some yoga. We cleared space in the lounge, put out our mats, got settled in and then started to move. We did this routine to warm up and stretch out and then this routine to really get into our backs.
Half way through our practice Goblin decided that enough was enough and he needed some attention. After sprawling out on the back of my mat for a while he decided it was probably best to move to the front after I accidentally booted him in the face. What on earth did he expect. This moving started the game of trying to catch our incredibly elusive fingers. Oh to be a cat and satisfied with such simple things!
Once he had had enough of nibbling us he took a well deserved rest from all the yoga and spent the rest of the evening looking like something out of a horror film. Just look at those eyes, terrifying huh?


  1. Sooooo cute :)
    Goblin is the cutest. Yes, being a cat and being happy about such little things would be amazing, wouldn't it?
    I'm impressed Ben actually did Yoga with you! Soo sweet. Did he like it? Did it help him?
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. I am desperate to try yoga, I want to go to a class but they're all so expensive, I like the idea of trying some out at home, will have to look for a DVD or some YouTube videos xo
    Rosie | A Rosie Outlook


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