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21 November 2013

When? Saturday 16th November.
Where? Sam and Harriet's flat in West London.
Why? Because we all love food, films, booze and being silly. So we did all of those things. Namely eating and being silly though.
Favourite moment? Playing on a computer game for the first time ever. GTA5. I was utterly shite (as you can probably imagine.) Computer games are not my jam.
Not so favourite moment? Three words. Ben. Rail replacement. Not so fun.


  1. Love those pics, they make me smile :) Looks like a fun evening!
    And I sure hope the not so favourite moment didn't last long.

  2. "Flat" "West London" "Favourite" <- things I LOVE ABOUT THIS POST.

    Oh, and you.

    GTA5 - I need to play that.

  3. Cuties! Sounds like a lot of fun <3

    Jennie xo |

  4. Love the format of this post. Drafting one myself right now, will link this post in it x

  5. Computer games are so not my jam either, I thought I was the only one! x


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