Weekending it back home with the family..

6 November 2013

I totally promised my Dad that I wouldn't post a few of these pictures of our weekend together but I had another look at them this morning and decided that I'm totally okay with breaking that promise because they really make me smile. After spending Saturday together running some errands in town and chilling out at home munching on pick'n'mix me and my Dad decided it was time to head down to the pub for a drink. After spending about five minutes putting on all of the jumpers, hats, gloves and scarves I could find we were ready for our first snap. Hello winter trips to the pub!
Once we arrived (looking rather windswept in my case) and were all settled in with our drinks I thought it was about time for snap number two of the evening.
And by snap number three, Dad was starting to get the hang of it.
Sunday morning we made our way back into town to meet my sister and her boyfriend for a wonder around the Christmas Markets. Dad decided it was his turn to be snappy happy and took along his super duper camera to document the day.
Some shots were more appreciated than others though....
Sometimes a girl just wants to be left to enjoy her Bratwurst in peace!
Photo shoot over it was time for a much needed nap before making my way home.
When I arrived back into London in the early evening I treated myself to fucking incredible homemade hot chocolate. Mind blowing stuff right there. The only problem is that from now on I will now have to resist making one of these every weekend day...but who am I kidding anyway? Bring on the weekend!!
(recipe found here - you really MUST try it!! )


  1. hahaha,,
    your dad's expression cracks me up. thank you for breaking your promise. ha!

  2. you are so beautiful. and it looks as if you had a wonderful time, family time is the greatest :)

  3. I love this post, I love this blog, damn girl I love you. I always love your updates in life, it makes me smile and really pushes me to be more positive (because I know I'm in there somewhere). And ahem, misses, how bloomin' beautiful are you!! xX

  4. Aww you and your family are the cutest! <3

  5. Gah! I miss winter already, and CHRISTMAS MARKETS, I cannot wait until next year when I get a white christmas again :) and that hot chic looks amazing xo

  6. That hot chocolate does look pretty amazing! Sounds lie you had a lovely weekend-and totally agree about the bratwurst and being left in peace to enjoy it haha
    Daniella x

  7. I love super duper cameras. Lovely photos. And that hot chocolate looks amazing. I am starting a health kick next week so I may make one of these for myself before next week begins :)

  8. Ah you look so lovely!

    Your dad has captured you very well in those top two. I'm also really enjoying that he loves a selfie. My dad kept saying "selfie" last weekend, they're so bloody hip and happening these days!

    The weekend at home sounds perfect x

  9. You are so gorgeous!!! And those pictures of your dad are hysterical.

    Ok now I need hot chocolate.

  10. Your Dad is now an expert at the selfie!!!


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