The time I made too much food.

25 November 2013

Some days I think I have this whole 'grown up' shit down to a tee and then other days it's pretty evident that I really don't. 
Take this evening for example. I was given the pretty simple task of making mash potato for dinner. In the past I've always relied on Aunt Bessie's frozen mash but as I'm really working on making proper meals now (self care ya know) and the fact that I'm not 18 anymore meant that I was going to have a crack at it. After all, it's not fucking rocket science. Apparently. 

Here is where I am just going to point out three things to you:
1. It's Monday. I don't function at anywhere near full capacity on a Monday. 
2. I had just got in from work. On a Monday. In the Winter. I'm not a fan of Winter either. 
3. It's Monday. I don't function at anywhere near full capacity on a Monday. 

Now that's all clear, back to what I was saying...
Making mash. 
I start off by washing the potatoes - that's always a good place to start, dirty little things. I then ring my Mum to ask her how she makes her mash (I always ring my Mum when I need advice) and she runs me through it and I re-think "that's pretty simple" so I start doing as she says. I chop a few up potatoes and plonk them in the pan full of cold water. 
As I'm about to put the hob on I think back to my childhood and how much I used to hate the texture of potato peel when I had to put it in the bin (I always got the best jobs) and how nice it is that I don't have to do that job anymore. 
Perks of being the adult.
And then it dawns on me.

I haven't had to put the gross slimy potato peel in the bin BECAUSE I HAVEN'T PEELED THEM.

So I ring my Mum back and double check. 
"Do I absolutely HAVE to peel the potatoes??"
The laugh that cackles down the phone for the next five minutes says it all. The woman can barely speak from laughing. 
So that's where I found myself this evening; scooping potatoes back out of the pan to peel them and then put all of that gross peel in the bin...feeling rather unaccomplished about my life. 
The mash was bloody delicious though in the end. 
Definitely worth the crisis of confidence. 

SIDE NOTE: I made about four times the amount of mash we needed. Something about me using most of the bag of potatoes for just two of us. Monday's slay me. 


  1. That does look like pretty good mash :)

  2. Pahahahaha! This made me giggle so very much!!!

  3. HAHA! this was hilarious! sounds like something i would do. i'm sure it would have still been good with the peel. probably. haha

  4. this made me smile through the whole post. :d speaking of.. I'm gonna make some mash today. ;d

  5. Mmmmmm homemade mash on a cold night is perfect. I love colcannon too xx

  6. I've never known anyone who disliked the feel of potato peels. Or who called mashed potatoes just "mash" <-- I bloody love that. See what I did there? Sort of?

    Anyway, I've made "smashed" potatoes before, aka cheater potatoes, when you leave the skin on :)

  7. So funny! Mashed on a Monday! I need to try this from scratch.

  8. hahahaha this is EXACTLY the kind of thing I would do, without a doubt! This made me laugh a little xx

  9. Haha I wouldn't have known that you need to peel the potatoes! I find mash so hard to make... maybe that's why! x

  10. Haha. I always get mash portions wrong! I would use half a 'baking potato' sized potato per person, but then my boyfriend uses a whole potato per person. Luckily mash is the only thing he can cook and he kicks ass at it. His secret? Add cheese!

  11. Looks so yummy x

  12. Oh this post made me laugh probably as long as your Mum did! I love mash, it is my favourite food in the world. I would have mash for my last meal if I only had one choice, for sure. Little tip, (from Delia) use an electric whisk to mash your mash, rather than a masher. Promise you it works every time, just use on a low setting, otherwise your kitchen could be sharing in your mash! x

  13. Oh I love you so much. I love this post, too! I've never made mashed potatoes, but I want to. I'll do that soon!


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