Oma, I totally miss you...

1 November 2013

Today I went to Church on my lunch to say a prayer for my Oma because I've been missing her a lot this week. As I was sitting there sending her all my love my hand found my way to the brooch of hers that I wear on my coat everyday near my heart.
I held it tight till I didn't feel so sad anymore. It really has been one of those weeks where everything feels amplified and stretched out and awfully raw. Just having that little bit of quiet time today is just what I needed.

As I sat there thinking about how eerily quiet it was when I noticed a Bible sitting right there in front of me so I picked it straight up and thought I'd give it a look over.
I started with the last page (as I do sometimes with new books) and was surprised to learn that I didn't understand one bit of what was going on. In hindsight I should have probably started at the beginning.
Told you, it's been one of those weeks.


  1. I attempted to read the whole bible once. I got about a tenth of the way through and then gave up. Reading the last page sounds like a good idea :) It's a LONG book!

  2. Poor you, so know that feeling - just hang in there and here's to this week being a better one! Hold your brooch tight and keep focussed on the positives, however tiny. Sending lots of good thoughts your way.

  3. Sending lots of love you way <3


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