Just my cup of tea...

17 November 2013

Today was spent having lunch with two of my favourite ladies, journalling and exploring the Fire Starter Sessions, taking long bubble baths and practising yoga by candlelight. 
Moving through my day with ease and quietness is just what I needed. 
Tonight has been just as lovely too... Ben and I have snuggled up and watched the first Hunger Games in preparation for the second one coming out soon (yay!) and are now watching The Hobbit. We sure do love an epic film! 
It's so nice to feel completely rested, right through to my very core. It's not surprising really when the most taxing thing I've had to deal with is the fact that just now when I wanted some biscuits, I realised I had made myself peppermint tea instead of normal tea. Can't dunk chocolate biscuits in peppermint tea can you now?Oh, the stress! 

...You will be glad to know that this has all been corrected now, so I'm off to go dunk those chocolate biscuits! Thanks for the tea Ben!!!


  1. I've re-read the hunger games and re-watched the film to get ready for catching fire.
    Sounds like you have has a wonderful relaxing day, jealous, although I've had fun with little ones. Looking forward to seeing you Tuesday xx

  2. I need the day you just described desperately. So jealous! x

  3. I get so excited on Mondays when I can play social media catch-up from the weekend :) and yours is the first blog I go to! Hooray for relaxing weekends, I have always wondered about the fire-starter sessions but just haven't got round to getting there, perhaps it's time? xo

  4. At least your realised before you dunked. God, can you imagine? It would have ruined the whole day x

  5. Sounds so relaxing! I've never tried yoga and feel a bit too big, but trying to lose weight at the moment and might give it a try when I feel slimmer.
    I might have to re-watch the first HG before I see the second too!

  6. I would definitely dunk biscuits in peppermint tea... does this make me a little odd?

    Jennie xo |

  7. I never could get into the hunger games somehow. I know I am weird... Also love love that photo

  8. Oh I've made that mistake, then just dunked anyway. I hate to waste hehe. Sounds like a lovely day. I've been so busy with my studying I haven't done yoga for weeks but I really would love to get the mat out again.


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