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16 November 2013

I believe that transitions are equal parts wildly beautiful and equal parts 'butterflies in the tummy' kinda terrifying. Movement, chaos and change is becoming my kind of jam and just in time really, next year is gonna be full of it. 

Long showers and using those 'special occasion' products every day helps me make my every day a little more special. Keeping the every day special helps keep my life special. And feeling special is my life force. 

My mantra of choice is 'I'll figure it out'. This keeps me going in the right direction

I'm starting to respect my fears. Asking myself 'is this thought accurate?' and 'is there evidence for this thought?' has blown open the limiting beliefs I have held about myself for years. 

I aim for passion. I declare my dreams

When I'm on my mat and moving my body with ease and kindness I feel more myself than I ever have.

Reading a good book (and I mean one of those books that really stays with know the kind) is time spent very wisely in my opinion. 

I'm excellent at systems. Organising is my kinda fun (I can be a little Monica Geller at times) and I find that when I'm externally organised I feel more organised internally. For me, order = merriment. 

Wearing clothes that make me feel good (and sexy and smart and at home and full of life and creative) change the way I act out in the world. Pride in appearance. 

Clarity for me is knowing how I want to feel. And this is how I want to feel: Strong, abundant, connected, open. 

How do you want to feel?? 

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  1. I want to feel light as air, like I could just float on the breeze. Do you know, I wouldn't be surprised if I saw a book written by you on the bookshelves of all good book shops one day :) You write with such beauty and passion about self-care and you have much to inspire in others. You go girl! x


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