Confession time - hoping the boredom of this day fades away soon

29 November 2013

^^ I've worn pretty much the same outfit every day this week and i'm not even remotely ashamed about it. Leggings, t-shirt, Ben's jumper, comfy boots, blue scarf, purple gloves, white bobble hat. The only things I've swapped out are the essentials; underwear and a new pair of funky leggings every few days. Keeping things simple around these parts at the moment, after all I wear it only for the commute.
^^ Wishing that I had done even juts a little bit of yoga last night instead of stuff my face with Domino's and then falling straight asleep on the sofa.
^^ Realising that my handwriting changes with every single fucking pen. Does wonders for my OCD.
^^ Seeing this on my walk this morning brought a tear to my eye. and made me send out love to all those people I wouldn't want to live without.
^^ I found a pair of pants in my drawer this morning that I've had for about 6 years. I remember wearing them in college which means that pants are going on my Christmas list. Pronto. Oh, and I chucked them away, don't you worry.
^^ Wishing I hadn't said the last one. You probably all think I'm gross now.
^^ Needing a hair cut. REALLY BAD and wishing that I could be even just a little bit bothered to go and get one.
^^ Knowing that I won't be bothered until my hair reaches that critical hot mess stage.
^^ Seeing this picture on my way to work and realising that this was not going to be how my day goes. The only shit I got done this morning was full of stupidity. Putting blusher on just one cheek, dropping my powder brush into the wet sink, getting mascara on my nose.
^^ Hoping that my sister will do some yoga with me this weekend when I'm back home visiting her. And then hoping that she will give me a pedicure with her fancy pants UV gel kit for nails thing (yes, that's the technical term for it). I'm mostly holding out for the yoga though (there's nothing better than having a yoga buddy to giggle with and keep things fun!)
^^ Talking of yoga buddies... I met some gorgeous ladies (Charlotte , Lottie & Becca - go stalk them, they're fab) the other night for some drinks in Balham and next week we're becoming official 'yoga buddies'. Having internet blog friends who are just as awesome in 'real life' is the best.


  1. I think I need that mug! As of right now I'm getting NOTHING finished and it's driving me crazy!

    Jennie xo |

  2. Urgh I need a haircut too, it's just finding the time! Love the leggings! x

  3. You have to tell me where you get your funky leggings from...please and thank you!

    My hair has reached the hot mess stage - I haven't had it cut or highlighted since September, ahhhh! But I have an appointment next week.

    Going to stalk your buddies!

  4. Haha I recently did a similar pants clear out, except that 50% of my pants drawer were about 6 years old, and most of them oversized bright coloured things my mum had given me in my stocking as a teenager thinking I was still 9! Yup, having a boyfriend certainly changes things, including my underwear drawer (thank god)


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