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11 November 2013

Time is flying over here and all of the talk of Christmas isn't helping. In the blink of an eye it'll be Christmas morning and then it'll be New Year and then before I can even take a second I'll be starting my yoga teacher training. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaa. So for now I am just going to remember what a lovely day I had yesterday with Ben. Keeping it simple over here this evening. 
^^ 7am bookworm. ^^
^^ Big scarves for the win. ^^
^^ Sunday lunch done the right way. ^^
^^ All that talk of Christmas. ^^
^^ Cheeeeese. ^^
^^ Bens treat. I was definitely NOT up for any booze yesterday. Something about a messy Friday night...let's just say that I'm not having any booze for a while, goes right up against my sacred self-care policy and I can't be having that now can I? ^^


  1. you had a pretty good start of the day.

  2. What is that you're having for lunch? It looks good whatever it is - and was Ben's treat mulled wine? Because if so, can you come and live in my house and be my girlfriend please?? xx

  3. I love Sundays like this.

  4. What a lovely sunday <3

    Jennie xo |


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