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1 October 2013

7.15am / 1st October 2013
An outfit shot. And also reason number 573 that I am NEVER going to be a fashion blogger. This 'outfit' (if you can even call it that) was decided upon in two minutes this morning and that decision making went something like this:
- checks weather
- decides that flip flops now need to officially be retired for the next 8 months
- fumbles around for all black underwear (summer = colour / winter = black)
- fumbles around for black tights that don't have holes in them
- has to take off the pair I grabbed as they have holes in them (must remember to clip Goblins claws)
- score! tights with no holes in them
- picks first black dress I can find
- grabs black cardigan
- grabs jacket, scarf and bag that make up my 'colour quota' for the outfit
- heads out the door
To remember that this is the day that I officially felt 'autumny' as I wore more layers today than I have in MONTHS and that felt both good and bad. Good because I love Autumn. Bad because only 4 days ago I was in a bikini sun bathing. My tan is truly going to it never happened at all!


  1. The fact that you are up, dressed and having your photo taken at 7.15am is ridiculous, my alarm went off at 7.15 this morning and I promptly hit snooze.
    I just wish the weather knew what to do, I have a coat on today, yesterday I was walking around in my t-shirt and last week it was thin sleeves and my gillet, it needs to make up its mind.
    I love the scarf!

  2. I will forever be amused by the fact that you associate underwear with seasons. You lovely weirdo.

  3. How amazing that you have underwear planned for the seasons. Blowing my mind.

    I have a similar tights situation to you every morning, I never throw away my holey tights which comes back to bite me!

  4. I love this! It sounds so much like me in the mornings! I've tried to be organised and plan my outfit the night before but it lasted all of one day!! You look great at 7.15!! x

  5. It's time to officially welcome autumn! shorts-no-tights no longer cut it, but I have to admit I am welcoming wooly hats and scarves.

    Teffy { Teffys Perks Blog } X

  6. How do you look SO good at 7:15am????!!

    Jennie xo |


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