Weekending like a boss..

29 October 2013

Oh my, this last weekend was such a good one. Like a little gem of goodness. There was lots of yoga. Yoga Saturday, yoga Sunday. My kinda weekend!!
The theme of the weekend for me was 'wearing all the colours I could find'. See the picture above for evidence. The minute Autumn comes around I am usually wearing all black so I'm not sure what came over me. I'm sure it looks like I fell into my wardrobe without my glasses on!
After stealing an extra hour of sleep we made our way West for the OM Yoga show....aka Yoga Heaven.
I chatted to some lovely yogi's, soaked up tonnes of information, discovered new studios that I am going to start visiting soon and even tried an open 'Dru Yoga' class. Not really my kinda yoga, but you never know till you try it!
Sunday morning I attended a yoga for bloggers and back care event (but more on that later this week) and then headed over to Sam and Harriet's flat for an afternoon of food. Can you see now why I adored this weekend?
Here are some snaps of what we got up to in the kitchen...
 Us girls made a shit tonne of mess.
 And then had fun playing with the mess.
The Red Velvet cupcakes were out of this world.
The Banana and chocolate ones were incredible too.
And then, after the sweet treats, Sam and Harriet made this dinner.
What can I say to do all of this food justice? Probably just scroll up again and drool over it some more.
I headed home super stuffed and super happy.
Not included in this post is my opinion about Lady Gaga's performance on the X Factor because I can't find the words to express my embarrassment about it all. The boys sum up my feelings pretty well though.


  1. Wow! What a busy and fun weekend...and yummy too by the looks of it.

    have never heard of Dru Yoga - will have to look it up.

  2. Oh my, this sounds like the perfect weekend. The cakes look bloody delicious! I read your last post about being a yoga instructor, how exciting for you! Arhgjkshfd! I'm also really enjoying your trousers xxx

  3. OH my is that Red Velvet I see! Need! Now! LOL at the boys' reaction to Lady Gaga!! xx

  4. haha I think I had the same reaction while watching it. It was like she was possessed :/


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