These might be the most awesome pumpkins in the world. Wait, no, they definitely are.

31 October 2013

Halloween has landed. And this year was the first year EVER that I participated in pumpkin carving.
I know right, I missed out as a kid big time.
Oh and just to clarify... by participation I mean myself and Harriet hung out toward the back of the kitchen, sorted out our nails and observed the boys carving away.

Aren't they the cutest??? Whoops, I mean the scariest pumpkins??

*side note*
Our one was the cat...but that was obvious right?


  1. Happy Halloween. Great pumpkin (Ben)! I was going to try a really intricate pumpkin design then I thought fuck it and got the gold spray paint out. Such a time saver *phew*

  2. Kitty cat pumpkin <3 <3

    Jennie xo |

  3. Ahhh so cute!! Is the second one an owl? xx


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