There I go...busting through fear barriers...

15 October 2013

There are a great many things I'm good at, and there is a stinkin' pile of things I'm not so good at.

One of the things in that stinkin' pile, is that I am not good at driving. Namely because I don't actually do it. Shocker huh?

I've always had a lot of fear lingering around learning to drive, and when my 17th birthday came round I just kept on putting off booking lessons. And then put them off some more. And then some more. You get the idea! When I moved to London there was no need AT ALL to learn, since then that's been my excuse. No need.

There was always so much to think of, so many decisions to make. Sure...some were completely rational decisions that needed addressing asap, and some decisions that could be put off for a while (but still bugged me and made me nervous!).

Decisions like: Which teacher do I choose? Will I pass my test? Which car do I pick? Which level of breakdown cover from the AA do I choose? What colour car? Which car freshener? Will there be a cup holder big enough for my mint tea mug?!
Choices... Choices...

This excuse will expire though, things will change and I will need to start making these decisions!

I am picking a teacher that I like as a person. I will pass my test (I can accomplish anything I put my mind to). I'm going to choose a car that makes me feel safest. And I am going to choose the most comprehensive breakdown cover there is, because Ben is ever the worrier and won't even let me near my hair straighteners without giving them a once over.

So as a way of getting to grips with it all, guess what I did??

I drove a car for the first time. EVER.

Guys, I can't explain how big of a deal this is to me. Everyone I know would have said that it would be years before they see me brave enough to try. After all I've been putting this off for SEVEN YEARS now. Geesh, procrastination much??

So how and when did this all happen??

Well, a few weeks ago when I was at home visiting the family, me and my sister were sitting in her car waiting for my mum when she just turned to me with a wicked look on her face and asked “Do you fancy driving? You know, like for real? Now?”. You can only imagine the look on my face as I made no attempt to hide the terror and excitement. She just smiled and declared that 'you can totally do this Nic, you'll be fine”. Let me just mention quickly that Tash is the only person that I would consider doing this with; she had her first lesson as soon as she could, and has been driving for YEARS. She's also training to be a maths teacher so is a complete natural at teaching AND she wouldn't ever doubt that I could do it.

I decided to park my fear and put my bum on the drivers seat.

Tash ran me through everything; turning on the car, the break point, the different pedals, how the car actually worked, how to use the gears. Everything. Nothing was going to be a surprise when I eventually turned on the car and that's what put me at ease the most.

The rush as I moved the car forward the first time was crazy silly.

Who knew I could do this??

I didn't crash (I only travelled about 5 meters), I didn't break the car, nothing bad happened and I only stalled the car once. Once people! What an achievement! We spent the next fifteen minutes or so going forward and backward, practising steering and working towards getting me totally comfortable at the wheel.

When Mum came out of the pub and saw me at the wheel in the car park she was gobsmacked. And confused of course.

For the rest of the day I beamed with pride and told everyone of my accomplishment. Yes it may have been a small accomplishment for some, but it meant the world to me. I proved that I could drive (5 meters). And that was something :)


  1. I've been driving for over 10 years now but I just for the first time tried driving standard this past weekend. It is definitely a lot harder than an automatic (what pretty much everyone over here drives) and I felt the fear again like I was 16 years old! Mastering a standard is a huge accomplishment so congrats on starting!

  2. My driving skills are definitely on the lacking side! I don't get enough practise, but I do love the feeling of driving!

    Teffy { Teffys Perks Blog } X

  3. Well done, I've had my license for 4 years and I go between being a scaredy cat and being over confident. It took me 5 whole weeks to venture onto the freeway when I was in LA because I was so scared! hehe. And no one likes being in the car with me in my over confident phases! But driving does give me a kick, probably because I very rarely do it :) My goal is to put off having a car until I'm 30, then get a beauty of a car (I believe when we're in our 30's we're allowed a bit of luxury). So, when are you going to start your driving lessons?

  4. Glad I am not the only who can't drive. (or couldn't) I am 21 and still only have a learners permit! Yikes

  5. Wooo! Well done lovely, you should feel very proud - it's only onwards and upwards from here! x

  6. I was absolutely terrified of learning to drive: after putting it off for almost a year after turning 17, I had to start to be able to get home from work! I was so scared and cautious until I failed my first test then something just clicked in my head! Now, I drive every day and although it is scary, once you get through the barrier it's worth it. Living in London though, at least you don't have much need to (I wouldn't fancy it there!) xx

  7. Driving terrifies me, the only way I will ever learn is if I can do it in an automatic and in the smallest car possible ;)

    Jennie xo |

  8. Good job girl, good job.

    I learned to drive on a stick-shift, it was terrifying. But it was such a good way to learn to drive.

  9. Well done you! You can do it. Find an instructor who you feel comfortable with is my best advice and go for it! (Love the comment about Ben and the straighteners!)


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