Saturday morning at the races...

22 October 2013

Saturday morning was an unusually early one for us as we went to go watch Sylwia (my gorgeous co-worker) complete her first 10k race! We got to Battersea park for about 8.30am (no rest for the wicked) and settled in to appreciate how gorgeous the park was in Autumn and to wait for Sylwia to smash through the finish line.
After about 20 minutes we spotted her on the final approach (the girl in the green jacket). We cheered. We clapped. We snapped pictures. After all this is an exciting first race and these things should be documented...
And there she is sprinting the last 10 meters!! Go Sylwia!!
She completed the 10k in 57 minutes and 48 seconds. Under an hour. So proud!!
And before you ask...nope... I haven't been inspired to start running. Give me my yoga mat any day.


  1. Yay!! Well done to Sylwia!! I did my first 10k on the 1st September and clocked in around 58.5 minutes... I know how super excited she must have been to hit the sub-60s :) Lovely post again sweetie, still getting hair envy.. xX

  2. Ohh wow under an hour! Well done to Sylwia! <3

    Jennie xo |

  3. I will never be inspired to run, not ever.

    Also, the new blog header? I adore it.

  4. Ah congratulations to Syliva! A more motivated runner than I'll ever be xx


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