Monday blues and a quick question for you!

14 October 2013

It's Monday today. Yuck. 
Not being the biggest fan of Mondays anyway and the shite weather  that we have had here in London the past two days means that I'm feeling a little glum today so tonight I'm baking me some nutella filled cookies. Yes. Oh yes.
But anyway...moving on.
I actually have something to ask of YOU today.. I'm starting to put together a collection of informative posts regarding yoga, meditation, mindfulness, happiness, struggles, wellness, self development..etc etc... (you get the idea) and I would love for your input into which areas you might be most interested in!?
Are you looking for advice on beginners yoga? or what to expect in a class? what to look for when finding a class? Maybe you would like meditation demystified a little? or it's the Law of Attraction you are interested in knowing more about? good books about self development? ways to help with anxiety? finding your purpose??
Over the six months or so I have gotten a fair amount of emails (and lots of questions from friends) asking for specific advice regarding some of these things so I thought I might put myself to use and share it all here on the blog! I can't wait to hear all your thoughts and ideas :) Any help would be much appreciated! 
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  1. You already know my answer right? Everything please :-) beginners yoga would be nice, meditation (I have difficulty with it, I can't clear my head!) and everything else :-) xX

  2. I would love some advice about yoga, I've always wanted to do it but I've never really known where to start.. So anything that would help beginners would be great! x

  3. I'd love some yoga advice :) I'd like to start but have a few worries! xx

  4. I'm going to be super helpful here and say bring on all of it! :p honestly though I would love to read everything you listed, I'm so interested in yoga, meditation, self development etc and love reading your posts about all that stuff but I just wouldn't know where to start! xxx
    ps nutella filled cookies sound incredible!

  5. I'd love post on meditation and self development :)

  6. I think all those ideas are great! I especially like "ways to help with anxiety."

  7. Beginners yoga please! How to actually motivate yourself to go to a class would be good, I haven't been since uni and keep saying I'm going to do it... and then just don't x

  8. As I'm dabbling I'd like some meditation stuff. I love the apps you recommended and in my recent post I say how much better I've been feeling. Also, if you have any questions you regularly ask yourself? To find out more?

    Does that last one sound weird? x

  9. All of them, plus demystifying the journalling you frequently talk about! I started yoga again a few days ago after being motivated by that lovely video I sent you. It's doing me so much good, but my problem is, I do it when Orlaith is at nursery around midday, and it just zones me out so much that I struggle doing anything for hours afterwards! It's so annoying, hopefully it's just my body adjusting to it :/

  10. I like the idea of wellness/struggles and that sort of thing. I'd love to try a bit of meditation so maybe that too! V. exciting x


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