Life lately : A few moments to remember from October.

17 October 2013

And just like that, it's the middle of October. Madness. Here's what I have been up to the last few weeks..
Spending time thinking up and creating my Wellness Series posts! They're still being put together but should start going up next week. Exciting times around here, so thank you for all of your suggestions.
I've also been journalling like mad (this will be one of the Wellness Series topics) and one of my favourite entries last week was inspired by the amazing Danielle LaPorte. Remembering that my heart knows what it knows. Juicy stuff.

"Trust now. Trust in The Now. Consciously access what you know to be positively true. And that sureness will help you strengthen the bridge you’re building to what’s next."

That's one wise lady right there.
Yoga by candle light. The only perk of these darker evenings.
A bit of a back story here: last Saturday night I drank. I drank tonnes more than I have in the last few months. My hangover was epic. When I stepped on my mat on Monday evening, my practise was all over the place...balance was off, everything was tight and stiff, I had no patience for myself and I was just annoyed with myself. Thanks alcohol. So I sat myself down and had a pretty firm chat with myself. I rolled away my mat and left it for the evening.
On Tuesday I started thinking about ways that I could ease into my practise with kindness and gentleness so when I got home I started by burning some incense and lighting some candles.
The mood was set and I showed up on my mat with more kindness than I have in a while.
Sacred self-care in action peoples!
I've also started to take some leggings and a top into work so I can practise on my lunch.
I've really noticed how much it helps unwind the tension that builds from sitting down most of the day. If only there were classes near enough that I could go to on my lunch, would be much nicer than practising in the shower room (nice as it is, its still a shower room) but you know...making the most of what you have. Grateful I have a space to practise at all!
I've always wandered if that little rhyme "Red sky in the morning; shepherds warning. Red sky at night; shepherds delight." was true. Well this was the sky yesterday morning at 7am...and we all know how the weather yesterday panned out don't we.
And lastly, I spent last night with these two handsome men eating the world's most enormous pizza. Delicious. The pizza was pretty good too!!!


  1. I love your "I deeply trust" list! You are so right — the money will always come, even if it doesn't feel like it will. I needed to see that today!

  2. I don't know how I feel about this yoga business. but the candle light intrigues me... I could... possibly..

  3. I love your self help stuff, I think I need to take a leaf our of your book x

  4. How impressive, taking in clothes to practice in. I'm very impressed. I read a Mind Body Green article the other day about 10 questions to ask yourself every day and I think things like that are a great idea, especially your trust list xxx


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