It's Friday, so here's a few thoughts and some news...

25 October 2013

This morning I woke up at 6.45am and actually got out of bed.
Why is this important? Because usually I snooze my alarm for a good 40 minutes (at least) and I am not an early morning person.
So today when I didn't even snooze it once I was pretty smug with myself.
I rolled out of bed, put on a pair of Ben's pants and a vest top (comfort to the max), got myself a mug of warm water and lemon and rolled out my yoga mat. After about 20 minutes of moving and waking up my body I felt amazing. (I use this yoga video for the morning and usually repeat it two or three times to get things going)
Then I decided to run with this surprising good mood so I wacked on Katy Perry's new AMAZING album and danced my way through my shower and getting dressed.
Then this happened:
And I laughed... because it was bound to happen sooner or later as it's been about two years since I smashed a MAC blusher so time was up. Perks of being a clumsy so-and-so.
Once this was all cleaned up and we spent a few minutes playing with Mister Goblin. It's okay to call him Mister Goblin right?? Anyway, it's all very amusing for us to lob his giraffe and Darth Vader teddy's around the flat for him to catch and play with.  
He takes these games very seriously.
In other news, I am loving all the Autumn-ness going around at the moment and I have a serious things going on for Autumn leaves. Wow, I think I may have just said the weirdest thing on my blog so far. Awkward. Let's just move past that.
Tonight I'm going to a "Try Us" evening at a yoga teacher training school in London Bridge to check them out and find out more about their program. I've already found the program that I think I will do but it's good to keep looking and see what else is out there!
See how I just slipped that right in there, mid-blog post, super casually, trying to not make a big deal out of it? Suppose the cat is out of the bag now, so here goes, let's back track a little...
About five months ago I said to Ben in an off hand casual kinda way that I wanted to be a yoga teacher. Some day. Some day in the distant future. If I'm being honest at the time I was terrified to verbalise it in a real way for fear of what people would say and there was no way that I would've looked into doing anything about my dream.
But the Universe kept popping up and giving me hints; a conversations here, an article there, a passing comment, an inspiring class... I kept coming back to it. I remember Sas telling me to follow what you love and see what happens. So I did and after a while I told Ben that this is what I wanted and he said we would work on it coming a reality. Because he is pretty much the coolest and most supportive person I know.  I've also been having a few life coaching sessions with a gorgeous lady who happens to be my yoga teacher and we have been thinking, scheming, exploring and expanding this dream of mine. The fear that I have surrounding this all (after all career changes are damn fucking scary) is melting away and I've started to make all this happen. 
Last weekend I went to an Open afternoon at an inspiring training school in Clapham Common and it was like the Universe lined up and presented me with what I could ACTUALLY be doing in my life, I haven't been that excited in years.
So yeah, I've decided next year I'm doing this and there is nothing to be gained by waiting for five years, ten years, fifteen years to pass. I'm doing my yoga teacher training and I am making these scary but awesome changes.


  1. Ahhh Nicola this makes me SO excited for you. SO excited. It means you should total do some remote classes via ol' Skype/video conference and I shall be your first pupil. xX

  2. Basically, I love everything about this post! I got up at 6:45 this morning too! Admittedly, I made us a cup of tea and then got back in to drink it... And amazing about the yoga teaching. I think you'd be great at it (I've never met you, so that's maybe slightly weird? But from your writing on here, your commitment and passion for it come through all the time). Life's too short to not do something you love. xox

  3. Do you know what is more damn fucking scary than career changes? NOT taking those career changes. You have such a passion for yoga and associated well-being life choices that you will be fab as a yoga teacher. Go for it, who knows where it will take you and what it will bring you. Remember; feel the fear and do it anyway x

  4. Ohh how exciting! I would totally love to be taught yoga by you! <3

    Jennie xo |

  5. That's amazing news! I was actually wondering recently if that might be what you would end up doing because you are so passionate about your yoga. The best teachers are those who are passionate about what they teach :) You will be an amazing teacher. Good luck.


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