If I could dream up a wonderful Saturday it would be like this every time...

5 October 2013

Changed plans this weekend meant that today became an official 'plan free' day. Despite wanting to have a lay in, I woke me up at 7.10am and was totally wide awake from the get go. A cup of tea and some lazy cuddles later I slowly eased my way into the day. This is what my day looked like...
^ Banana bread making ^
 ^ A trip to the vets for Goblin's annual jabs ^
^ More baking...this time Nutella cookies!! Recipe here ^
^ Cheekiness ^ 
^ Strategising, openness, growth, dreaming, scheming, expansion. With berry tea and banana bread. Obviously. ^

This evening we're having a date night at home. Candles, popcorn and films. If only I could decide what to have for dinner...cookies surely can't count. Can they??


  1. Those cookies look delish! I love how your blog is such a beautiful mix of reality and whimsy, it's nice to see what someone else is up to on the other side of the world :) xo

  2. Cookies definitely count, and I plan to make some today myself. Not Nutella ones, but I'm gonna keep that recipe for the future I think. Did they turn out well? x

  3. Nutella cookies?! I'm coming over right now ;)

    Jennie xo |

  4. Ahh... I'm going to go buy some Nutella methinks. Looks like a lush Saturday :)


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