Discovering the worst picture of me that was ever taken...

23 October 2013

Can you believe that we've now gotten to that point in the year when it's ^^ this ^^ dark on my way to work in the morning??? I know, I know... it is only 7am, but still...a few weeks ago the sun was shining at this time in the morning and when I left the flat today it was like winter was there waiting to kick me in the face. Oh hello SAD. Come to grace me this year with your presence huh? Fab.
It took me a good few hours to shake the darkness off once I had dragged myself to work. Having a good chat with Sylwia and going out for a slice of banana bread and a green tea latte with a friend on my lunch helped too but you know what has cheered me up the most?
Discovering these gems on my phone.
Ladies and sister and I.
I'm not sure if it's the hairstyles we're both rocking or the fact that neither of us understood the concept of a chair that was height adjustable or the fact that our parents even let us outside looking like this, but I don't think I've ever seen more embarrassing passport photos please, make my day and share yours with me if you think you can rival these lookers.  


  1. that's how 7am look like there??? wow. and here's the sun is burning from 6.30.
    haha,, the picture, i believe, is priceless

  2. I absolutely have worse pictures that that, if I ever come across one I'll email it over to you. But lets just say I was wider than I was tall, had many chins & a super short bob that only served to make my face look fatter. I loved crisps waaaay too much!

    Jennie xo |

  3. Your sister looks so scared! I could definitely rival you with bad photos, I'm just not brave enough to put mine on my blog! Dark mornings are rubbish, they make me want to stay in bed even more than normal.

  4. I'm hating on these dark mornings, it makes me just want to curl up in bed and never leave.

    Those pictures are priceless! xx

  5. I absolute hate winter because of dark mornings and the fact it gets dark by like 3pm too. Not so fun why you have to get up at 6am and are back by 7:30pm! Great passport photo though, I look terrified on every single one of mine! x

  6. Those pictures are amazing.... I definitely have similar ones that will never make their way onto the internet, haha x


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