All of these things create one nice list...

2 October 2013

drinking / hot toddy: whisky, lemon juice, honey, hot water. simple...but effective
eating / popcorn
practicing / kindness, patience and self-compassion
wearing / sweats and a snuggly blanket, as you might imagine I am looking rather sexy right now
mastering / having hair that I don't need to bother styling. wash, sleep then brush in the morning
finishing / this film
recently read / these two books by Diane Chamberlain: one & two 
working / on coming up with a title for a book 
enjoying / Fringe (bloody amazing)
wanting / to continue saving and simplifying
excited / to see Rebecca tomorrow!!! 
missing / my sister


  1. Ah, you've read the Dianne Chamberlain books, this makes me happy, looking forward to hearing what you thought of them tomorrow.
    Are you saying that all you had to do for your hair to look as amazing as you did this morning was wash it, sleep on it and brush it? Wow!! I want your hair.
    Your evening of hot toddy, popcorn, comfy clothes and tv sounds lovely and I'm glad you are practicing self compassion!!
    You are writing a book?
    I'm going to stop asking you questions now, I'll just ask them you tomorrow instead, can't wait. xxx

  2. You're coming up with the title of a book? Are you writing one!?

  3. I really want a hot toddy! Sounds like it would be heaven in our cold flat. My therapist recently gave me lots of info into self-compassion, have just started reading around the subject myself.

    Beth // SANS SOUCI

  4. I'm all about the popcorn right now too <3

    Jennie xo |

  5. Ha ha when I read you were enjoying fringe, at first I thought you'd had an amazing new haircut or something. Oh God I am such a dope!


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