Those two days of rest..

9 September 2013

My weekend was lovely. Very relaxing.
It consisted of pilates and some yoga, seeing the girls for tea and cake, taking lots of bubble baths, feeling dizzy (thank you low blood pressure), eating lots of chocolate and salted popcorn (to help with the low blood pressure of course!) and tonnes of cuddles with Goblin and Ben.  
Sunday we had actually planned to spend the whole day in bed however those nasty hormones kicked in big time and I was inconsolable Nicola for a good while. I missed my family and Ben's family like mad so we decided it was best that we got out the flat for a while. We went and sat ourselves on the comfiest sofa's we could find (thanks Hagen & Hyde) and Ben ordered me a rather large glass of wine. It certainly did the trick.
When we got back home we set ourselves up for the rest of the afternoon & evening.
Doesn't that look like the comfiest place in the world?
The films that we watched were certainly geared towards a certain boy's taste, but he had a really hard week at work so I let it Saturday though will be a different story!! Nicola chooses day!! Yay!!


  1. N'aww sounds like you've had a cosy little weekend! I'm jealous of your comfy little den- need to do that with my sofa one weekend haha. Have a good week :)
    Kaz at Sunshine Days x

  2. It definitely does look like the comfiest place in the world! Sounds like a lovely weekend, besides the low blood pressure and hormones!

  3. Sounds so fun!! It's nice to have just "chill" days!

  4. That sounds wonderful! That couch looks so comfy. I love days like that. Hope you're feeling better!


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