These four things happened this weekend...

16 September 2013

Tasha got SUPER excited about Christmas. In September. Which I didn't care for AT ALL.
Mum  on the other hand thought her outfit that she's "totally going to wear Christmas eve, Christmas day AND Boxing day" was the funniest thing she had ever seen.
I bought myself some shoes that are like nothing else I own. Ben called them "totally gangster" and my mum said they were "very different" but I totally LOVE them. That's all that matters right??
This little munchkin turned one and we got to celebrate with him at his birthday party back in Essex.
We had so much fun! There were babies EVERYWHERE. Ben, Simon and I were so worried about stepping on one of them as those little toddlers can move!! I also got to catch up with some gorgeous ladies that I haven't seen in years which was so lovely!
And lastly, I got to watch this gorgeous man with Hugo. So SO handsome.
As we were leaving Ben may have said to me "now Nicola, do we need to have a chat reminding you why we have decided not to have babies yet?". I may have said yes as I may have needed reminding.


  1. How cute is Hugo, oh my gosh - those chubby cheeks! <3

    Jennie xo |

  2. Loooove the new layout (am I late on this?)

    Really cute post

    Ruby x

  3. My housemate and her friends have already bought their christmas jumpers! I really like Tash's jumper, I think I would pass on the ears though.
    Hugo is such a cutie, glad you enjoyed the party.
    I love how mum's always use "different" when they don't want to say that they may not actually be a fan of something you are wearing. Any homeless people feel the need to comment on your ripped jeans this weekend? ;)

  4. This looks like a fun weekend! Love your shoes - because they are unique :) Oh yeah, I need those reminders, too, every once in a while ;)

    I hope you're doing great, sweet Nic! xx


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