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4 September 2013

I've always been a massive fan of parcels and letters. Sending or receiving them it doesn't matter because there is something infinitely magical in knowing there is a letter on it's way with your name on it or a package zooming half way around the world to someone you love just because you want them to know you care.
What we need is more snail mail in this world, more ways to be personal and thoughtful in this very online and impersonal world at times.
Parcels, letters, thank you notes, flowers, a piece of art, a teddy bear, a box of delicious chocolates...anything really. Just something that takes a little more effort than an email or a text.
When my sister was living in America she would send me the most wonderful and rather hilarious parcels for my birthday every year as a way to let me know that she cares and she was missing me.
I missed her like absolute mad.
So when she would make a ridiculous card, write a long letter and send me picture collages of the two of us getting up to no good as kids and little American sweets and goodies it made me love her even more. I've kept every single thing that she sent me. Except the candy of course. That was just too delicious to keep.
So I've made a decision. I'm going to start sending 'I love you, I think about you' packages to the people that I love. Family, best friends, Goblin, know...the people who have and will always be there for me! Actually, Lolly not so much, she's just a total rascal, but this might be a good gift for my sister to convey her cheeky ways!
Anyway, back to my point...I'm not 100% sure why I have decided this now but it just feels right after the incredible support that I have experienced these past 9 months. Some thank yous are in order.
So, to get things started I've begun writing the letters to go in my packages and collecting little trinkets that remind me of that person. Then I will start scouring charity bookstores for books I know they will like and searching through Facebook for pictures of our adventures together. Next up will be getting the pictures printed off so I can write about our adventures on the back and deciding which style of wrapping paper and ribbon or string to use to make them look all beautiful. This bit is my total favourite!! 
The last step? Shipping them off around the country and the world using trusty Parcelforce to make sure they arrive safely.
It's all making me very excited!! Do you send a lot of packages to the people you love??
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  1. What a lovely idea, I love recieving things in the post and special little gifts from friends for no reason.

    hannah bee

  2. So so lovely =) I am always searching for special little gifts for my friends. I hate just buying them anything for their birthdays, so I'm always extensively searching!

    Teffy { Teffys Perks Blog }


  3. This is such a lovely idea and I agree that we need more snail mail, it's so nice to receive mail. I haven't sent any proper packages in forever, I might do them closer to Christmas! x

  4. I couldn't agree more! I call it disconnecting to connect. One other blogger and I have decided to write physical letters to one another and I'm so excited!

  5. I absolutely love this and wish more people would take note. I'm a huge fan of snail mail personally, in fact I would bloody love to write letters to and from friends, the good old fashioned way. It just seems to be such a forgotten form of affection these days. I remember writing a to a friend I met on holiday for a good few months on my favourite Disney note paper before dwindling off, but it was great whilst it lasted.... You've got my brain ticking. Ideas ideas ideas! Xx

  6. How beautifully lovely! You're right, there's something so magical about getting something in the post just because <3

    Jennie xo |

  7. Great post hun. I love snail mail and would much rather send a letter than an email and putting packages together for people is so much fun, I love getting things which seem just right for them.

    One of the kids I work with made me feel so old recently. She is 8 and has a friend who lives in France term time, she was sad because her friend had just gone back to France and I was being really enthusiastic saying how they could be pen pals and how exciting it is to send and receive letters, her response .....can't I just FaceTime her?

  8. This is perfection, I used to be exceptional at giving gifts, and now I'm the worst human being ever at doing such a thing. Perhaps you've inspired me.

  9. This is SUCH a cute idea!! I miss getting mail, the only thing I get is bills! x

  10. I love the ease of the internet world BUT there is nothing, NOTHING like getting a hand written letter/card or parcel in the post. I am backing your 'campaign' to get more (nice) snail mail going! x

  11. This is such a good idea!!! I love snail mail too! It is sad that we don't do more of it! This is very inspiring


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