Oh hello Friday, Autumn and wet t-shirts.

6 September 2013

So everyone, how do you all feel about this weird rainy weather today?? Soaked is how I feel about it. But more on that later...
Last night I met up with one of my oldest friends from school Nicola (name twins) for a catch up and to enjoy a nice picnic in the park on the promised 'very last day of summer'.
I've heard it all bloody week....'enjoy it while it lasts, it will be the last hot day of the year you know', 'TWENTY EIGHT DEGREES ON THURSDAY YOU KNOW', 'crazy business this hot weather in September, you should go outside and enjoy it'. Yes thank you all, it was indeed nice and sunny this week, London had indeed held up for once, horrah indeed!!!
That was until last wasn't even that sunny. Like at all. It wasn't even that hot (certainly not TWENTY EIGHT DEGREES HOT) and there were tonnes of clouds in the sky. It felt like Autumn. But with dry grass to sit on. All those people? Wrong. HA.
But I was dead happy about it all. The sky looked gorgeous, I got to catch up with Nicola and discuss terribly grown up things, we got to eat tonnes of sushi... it was a perfect evening.
When I got home the evening just got better and better. I had a really long bath, practised yoga (side note: had a super fun session exploring and experimenting - let go of all the 'shoulds' and it was so liberating. I surprised myself!), I read some of the awesome books that I have bought recently (all 6 of them) and then when Ben got home we both fell straight asleep. Zonked.
This morning wasn't so smooth though.
I decided to wear a white t-shirt. Why not right?? 
As Friday mornings are most definitely not there for ironing t-shirts I went to work like this:
Couldn't have cared less if I'm being honest.
But then this happened:
When I got to work I not only had an incredibly creased t-shirt on but it was mostly see-through too. You could see my black lace bra rather clearly.
Classy start to the day huh?? Let's hope tonight goes a bit better..


  1. The sky was so pretty last night! I was being lazy and couldn't be bothered to do anything so spent about half an hour laying on the settee watching the sky.
    I'm liking the cooler weather, I'm excited for autumn but I'd like the rain to go away, thankfully though I was slightly more prepared than you were this morning.
    Have a lovely weekend hun.

  2. Urghhhh! Nightmare!! Never trust boyfriends with anything! x

  3. The sky was gorgeous last night but unfortunately I didn't have a chance to snap a photo of it. It's been raining since the early hours of this morning in the North East, and I already went Summer to come back. Also, there's nothing worse than wet clothes at work! x

  4. I love when you said you let go of all the 'shoulds.' Gosh if we could all let go a little more of what is expected and "should" be done, we'd be a bit freer and happier. And I love yoga!

  5. I am SO ready for autumn. I am ready for cooler temps for sure. It's been too hot here in KY!

  6. I'm so sorry but I laughed like a drain when I read your t-shirt situation! But hey it could have been worse, you could have been bra-less :O


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