Littlewoods Lingerie AW13 Collection

19 September 2013

A few weeks ago (my blogging schedule is really out of whack) I headed over to Shop Direct’s London HQ for a lingerie bloggers event organised by Littlewoods.
We all know that fashion events are not my thing. But underwear?? Totally on board. And if I am being honest I was in DESPERATE need of some inspiration and a kick up the ass. A few months ago I went out to buy myself some nice new underwear and came home with 15 pairs of plain black knickers, one nude bra and one black bra. Case and point.

Walking into the showroom was like walking into one of those dreams where everything you could ever want is laid out all nice and neatly for you to go browse round and nosey at. You don't have those dreams? Well, I certainly do, let's call it my OCD brain coming out to play at dream time. Awkward.
Once everyone had arrived and I had eaten no less than three miniature red velvet cupcakes (don't judge, they were delicious) and sunk two glasses of prosecco, Jo Holmes (the head lingerie buyer at Littlewoods) gave us a big welcome and talked to us a little about the Littlewoods own Intimate Essentials range and the super glamorous Myleene Klass range. Rather embarrassingly I didn't even realise that Littlewoods held their own range of  lingerie so at this point I was VERY impressed!! Jo then introduced us to the ladies from Curvy Kate, Wonderbra and Maidenform who were there to tell us about their brands too.

After hearing from all of the different brands about their brand histories, their newest products and their best sellers we had a chance to mingle with all of the other gorgeous bloggers, get fitted PROPERLY and enjoy a few more cupcakes!
First and biggest surprise of the night?? I have been wearing the wrong bra size for all of about 10 fecking years.
I thought I was like a 34B...I am actually a 30DD. So I went straight up and ordered this gorgeous Wonderbra set in the right size to get things moving. Wonderbra also do a fantastic Ultimate strapless bra which is unlike anything I have seen before. If you are one for wearing strapless outfits (I am definitely not) then you should take a look into it!
Second surprise? Shapewear can actually be rather good looking. I took away some of these Sleek Stripes Hi Waist Briefs from Maidenform in black of course (nude is not a good colour for big panties in my opinion) and even though I was rather sceptical before trying them on I was very pleasantly surprised. They have that whole 50's vibe going on and did a wondrous job of keeping everything feeling like it was in place. Definitely for wearing under nice tight "show off" outfits!!
Third surprise? Learning that Curvy Kate do bras in smaller sizes too! Although as a brand they are geared towards curvier, bigger chested women (Tash, I'm looking at you here) they cater for all sizes.
Also I was SO impressed to also learn that they never use professional models in their campaigns, only ever using real women with real bodies. We definitely need more of that in this world. I mean just look at these gorgeous women...
I had such a wonderful time and learnt a shit tonne more about lingerie and boobs than I knew before so would like to say a massive thank you to Littlewoods for hosting such a fun event!

Now please excuse me while I whizz off and grab me some of these SUPER comfy (and rather sexy) pants to brighten up my boring black collection.


  1. Wow, I would love to go to an event like this! I am a bit obsessed with pretty lingerie haha. The Curvy Kate women look amazing too.

    The same thing has happened to loads of my friends with the bra fitting changing their bra size, great confidence boost for them, hehe!

    What Sarah Says

  2. I love that they only use real women (Not that models aren't real women, they're just not like MOST real women). I also wonder if I wear the wrong bra size - I've never been fitted. But I feel like I should probably do that.

  3. Bought a lingerie at the Soma Intimates sale this week. I’m amazed at the quality.


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