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20 September 2013

Today I am just going to throw my thoughts at the page and hope that they stick. It's a risky strategy because I'm pretty much all out of interesting ideas and the few ideas I that I do have are about what I need to do before we go on holiday tomorrow.

To say I am unprepared is the understatement of the century.

Our taxi is picking us up at 4am tomorrow morning. Which means I need to be up and prancing around etc at about 3am.
3 bloody am.
That technically makes it tonight that we are travelling. TONIGHT people. Which creates a whole lot of "oh my gawwwwwd panic" in me as like I said, I am completely unprepared for it. 
And I hate, really really hate, to be this unprepared.
I'm not even sure that I'm going to even go to bed tonight because by the time I have decided what to take, actually packed all that crap, cleaned the whole flat, showered, done my hair, had some food and practised some yoga and meditation it will be time to get up again. That is unless I discover some super powers or a boyfriend that volunteers to clean the flat while I sort things out (hint hint Ben).

Yeah, probably best to settle with having no sleep.

As you can probably tell I am not doing so well with making this interesting so I will share a few links of awesome-sauce things I have discovered lately:
+ This delicious and super healthy dessert that me and Claire made last night. It was touch and go at one point to see if Claire would ever emerge from rummaging in her kitchen cupboards...
...but alas she did and we could get on with inventing the desert. (I use the word inventing because we definitely didn't stick to the recipe and parts of it were made up..which is totally okay as it is a raw dessert and there is always leeway with raw desserts!)
+ This blog sucked me in for a few hours the other morning, definitely worth a read.
+ I sometimes feel this way about Whole Foods too.
+ Finding a style of yoga that fits is pretty darn hard work, but the guys over at Strala Yoga have it down to a tee and I am hooked. I'm gutted that they are based in New York but their RELAX class that you can buy online and then download to your computer is my new favourite and well worth the $15 it cost.
+ This has been making me laugh all morning:
Okay, back to talking about my holiday now, fun time break time is over.
Have you been to Marrakech? Any travel tips? Places to go see? Things to do? Hammams that you can recommend?
See you soon everyone :)


  1. Can I come over next time you guys make cheesecake? Okay, thanks :)

    Have a wonderful vaca (as us Americans say!) ...cannot wait to see the pictures when you return!

  2. Just do the important bits tonight, like pack, any cleaning you need to do can wait until you get back, just make sure you take the bins out before you go.
    Have an incredible time, I can't wait to hear all about it, preferably over Five Guys, yes? It's going to be a quiet week next week without your emails.

  3. We're going to Morocco in October (we're actually staying in the Atlas Mountains) so I'm looking forward to hearing all about it!!

  4. I always wanted to go to Morocco when we lived overseas, but never made it there. I can't wait to see the pictures and hear about your experiences - I'll have to live vicariously for now!

    I'm going over to download and buy Relax - I've been considering it for a bit and you gave me the final little push.

    Hope you have a out of this world time on your Holiday!!!!!

  5. I hope you're having the best time!!!

    Jennie xo |

  6. I like anything that you can eat raw so I don't have to cook lol. Have a fabulous holiday lovely xx

  7. I love the middle finger project! Enjoy your travels!!


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