Hagen & Hyde - Balham

7 September 2013

Last weekend my Dad and Wendy came up to London to see us after being away for six weeks on holiday! It felt like they had been gone forever so we were long due a catch up and decided to pick somewhere lovely for dinner and drinks in Balham. But where.......?

Hagen & Hyde of course :)
Me and Ben have been there quite a lot for date nights and drinks with friends since it was opened. So we knew that it was perfect for drinks, but it wasn't until the last time we were there that we noticed how amazing the food looked as it was taken out from the kitchen (is it wrong that we ninja snooped on peoples food?). I didn't take that much convincing! After a day of pampering (for me and Wendy) and chilling out on Wandsworth Common, we had worked up quite an appetite. So when we got there at about 8pm we were starving!
First things first... wine! I decided to plump for some fresh and crisp tasting Pinot Grigio Blush (remember now, last weekend was lovely and warm!) whilst everyone else decided on an Italian Red for old times sake. 

The starters were delicious! Both Dad, Ben and I all picked the Manx Kippers on Sourdough toast upon our lovely waiter's recommendation. 
As you can see, it looked incredible and let me tell you now that it tasted as amazing as it looked! Hagen & Hyde specialise in fresh fish, seasonal game and colonial British fare which meant that their menu read like something out of my food dreams. (You all totally have food dreams too...right???) If I could have, I would have ordered all of the starters, but alas I am only one little woman :(!! Anyway, back to the point...the kippers looked and tasted incredible. I had never actually eaten kippers before but after having had them here, I might even try to convince Ben to let us buy and cook some! :S (I will let you know how that goes!)
Wendy chose the English beets, deep fried poached egg and broad bean dressing to start. In her words "oh my gawwwwwwwwd this is good" you can take her word for that!
For mains Wendy, Ben and I chose their Welsh Black Hanger Steak with skin on fries (oh my) and Bearnaise sauce. Steak is one of my favourites when we go out for dinner as we rarely eat it at home (I can just never get it 'right' at home) and this one definitely didn't disappoint, yummy yummy yummy. And those chips - seriously though, they should be made illegal!
Dad chose the Hagen and Hyde Fish pie which looked and smelt amazing. Unfortunately I can't tell you how good it was because I was tucking into my steak with lightening speed, but Dad finished it all and had a crazy grin on his face so I can assure you it was good :)
The best part of any meal? Dessert. Every time. Chocolate and salted peanut brownie, with popcorn ice cream and bits of popcorn strewn about the plate. It was indescribably excellent. Gooey, moreish and oh so chocolatey.

After dinner we treated ourselves to a few mojitos, Wendy nattered to the chef for a while (liverpudlians eh!?), we did some more catching up and then some picture taking. 
Sums us right up doesn't it?
Me and Dad looking incredibly ghostly.

Hagen & Hyde it's perfect for a family nights out, first dates, catching up with friends, date nights...actually it's perfect for anything really. 
Even today me and the girls went to enjoy a cheeky cocktail in their lovely beer garden! I took a few snaps as I was walking through for you're welcome.
So if you are around this weekend go check it out. I promise you won't be disappointed!! 

p.s their mojitos are only £5 each. What a steal!! 

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  1. ok, i need to go to this place. and a big fat yes to 5 pounds mojitos! x

    Miho @ Wander to Wonder

  2. Mmm those food pictures are absolutely fantastic!


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