A few of my favourite calming apps..

3 September 2013

I discovered this app last night and was blown away by it instantly...I really wish I had known about it sooner!
I've been meditating a few times a week for the last few months and I can't explain enough how it has become such an essential tool for me to have at my disposal in every day life to help with stress, anxiety, illness and overwhelm. This app is the perfect introduction to meditation if you have never tried it before or you have tried it and not been very successful at it!!
It's as easy as downloading the app, signing up, sitting down, and pressing play. Then just sit back and relax as Andy Puddicombe guides you through a simple process making it easy to learn how to meditate.
I started the free Take10 Programme (ten minutes for ten days) last night and found it really informative, demystifying and easy to follow. Go see for yourself!!
Relaxing music and beautiful art all rolled into one for a relaxing night time experience. The music is uber relaxing and soothing, the colours and interactive art screen are beautiful and mesmerising and it turned itself off last night (either that or Ben turned it off!!) and I was sound asleep in no time. Blissful.
This app is my other go to for great guided meditations and simple relaxation breaks (and I have known about this one for much longer!). What's great about Calm is they also have a brilliant website too which is particularly fab if you are experiencing a little brain freeze writing blog posts! With this app you get really lovely background music and beautiful nature scenes to accompany your time outs, which is always a bonus. 
Oh and on a little side note but still talking about fantastic things...I got one of these SITFIT Plus by SISSEL cushions for my work chair yesterday and it sure does what it claims! My posture is about a gazillion times better when I am using it (go core muscles!) so if you have a job where you find yourself sitting at a desk for most of the day then I definitely recommend getting one to help re-strengthen your back! With all this active sitting, yoga, backpack wearing and pilates I hope to be better in no time at all!


  1. Thanks for the apps! The meditating is going well, thanks for letting me know about the open heart project. Hope you're well.


  2. Are the sitfit's comfortable? I've been browsing them for a while now and been unsure whether to go for it?

    Have you tried the sleep monitoring apps? I find them really interesting, i'll be doing a post on them soon >


  3. They sound like fun apps! I had no idea about any of them. I might try the meditation one, I've been wanting to get into it for a little while! x

  4. Thank you so much for this post. Lost my way a little but I think this is bringing me back. You're a wonderful woman Nicola. Hope I can meet you before I bugger off to Australia...? Xx

  5. I've just downloaded headspace. Thank you :) Need this right now x

  6. Thanks for the recommendation on the sitfit- I sit all day and always find it uncomfortable!
    Daniella x


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