This is my kind of Friday / Wanderlust and dreaming

9 August 2013

Today I have been feeling really good (yay!) and when I feel really good I tend to spend quite a lot of the day dreaming about the future, the possibilities that it holds, the adventures that I will take, the things I will accomplish, the people I will meet....
So I thought I would share what this is all shaping up to look like in my head:
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Isn't it gorgeous?
Yoga outside with a view. Meditation. Quietness. Expansion. Happiness and smiles. Nature and it's wonders. Adventure. Openness. The cool air of Autumn. Dreams. Serenity. But most of all...that gorgeous feeling that anything is possible. Because it really is. All it takes is crystal clear clarity, trust and faith in yourself and above all, staying true to what your heart really desires.
So if you need me, I will be here, scheming and dreaming away till my heart feels content.
Have a lovely weekend all you very gorgeous people!!


  1. This is beautiful, hooray for feeling good :) xo

  2. It makes me smile to hear you are feeling so good, I know it's been a tough few weeks for you, I'm glad things are on the up. Love the photos, it all looks so serene.

  3. Dream catchers are my favourite <3

  4. What a lovely post =) good to know you're feeling so, well, good!

    Teffy || Teffys Perks Blog ||


  5. Well if that is what the inside of your head looks like, you are in a beautiful place my friend. So glad to hear that you are feeling good and positive about the future. Long may it continue!


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