Sunday evening playtime and some funnies.

13 August 2013

On Sunday evening we went for THE MOST AMAZING PIZZA IN STREATHAM with Claire and Simon.
(Unfortunately we scoffed all of said delicious food before I even thought to take pictures and write down the name of the place...which just means that we will have to go back again!!)
After dinner we popped back to theirs so that they could lend me one of their OH MY GAWD THIS FEELS AWESOME foam rollers (simular here).
In no time at all Ben had found a way to make the foam roller into some kind of toy:
We then discovered that if you put it to the other persons ear and speak quietly into it, it magnifies the sound and you can whisper and then graduate onto singing little songs to each other without anyone else on the bus knowing.
Oh the excitement.
In other (much more interesting) news here are some of the funniest things I have seen pop up around the internet lately:
When someone says they are so glad they don't live in London:

When I’m taking a picture on my phone and accidentally click the reverse camera mode:
I have watched this Vine about 40 times and it STILL makes me giggle. Please take 6 seconds and watch it, it is so brilliant!
Anyway, this evening it looks like Ben is working really late so any suggestions of what I should settle down to watch after I have done my yoga? I was thinking maybe to keep watching The Mill or Southcliffe ?? Any others?


  1. Love the vine video and the giraffe!
    I've just started watching Orange is the New Black, 2 episodes in and not sure what I think if it yet. I haven't watched any of The Mill but thought it looked good from the advert.

  2. I remember when that vine video popped up on my news feed. I burst out laughing on the train home...then watched it again! Brilliant!



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