My wishlist of things that I wish for.. you know the kind!

21 August 2013

Every year when it comes round to my birthday I keep an extra eye out for things to add to my birthday wish list that I really hope Ben will stumble across and buy everything on it. There are a few flaws to my plan though. Firstly, I haven't ever actually written the list down (whoops). Secondly, I can hint as much as I like but being a man he just isn't receptive to hints like women are. Thirdly, unfortunately at the moment we don't have enough money (thanks London rent prices) to buy everything on my list.
So what I have decided to do is put to together this mish mash of wishes in the hope that if I start now, maybe the (very obvious) hints would have dropped for Christmas.
I can only hope!

I saw this gorgeous DAB radio in John Lewis on my lunch the other day and I was like a moth to a flame. It would go so perfectly in our kitchen. We are forever lugging the laptop in and plonking it on top of the microwave so we can listen to music while we are cooking so to have something that pretty (I love something pretty and useful) sitting in there already would be a dream!

I pretty much love all jewellery by Astley Clarke but especially this delicate and simple silver bracelet. It caught my eye whilst I was having a look around for my sister's 21st birthday present earlier on in the year but I decided that I was looking at it because I really liked it as opposed to something that she would love!

Although I already have a Ted Baker purse I have been looking to get a more compact everyday version that isn't as heavy as my big long one! When I discovered that Ted Baker do the same style purse but in a smaller version I nearly snapped it up then and there! I love this particular purse with the gorgeous pastel outside and vibrant green lining, it might just encourage me to carry around a few less cards!

I love a good pattern and this IKEA cushion is doing it for me at the moment. As much as a cushion can that is! It would look perfect as a new edition on our sofa when we move again next year. As we don't really have a colour theme in our flat we tend to go for simple furniture pieces that we can inject colour into with pieces like this. Oh colourful flat be mine!!

Ben? You're welcome. Just take this along to with you come Christmas and I promise I will make you Christmas dinner!!


  1. that radio is so adorably retro. and i have always loved the Ted Baker wallets but never owned one! I think you should write out the list, make a few copies & stick it around the house. there's no fun in subtlety ;) x

    Miho @ Wander to Wonder

  2. That radio is gorgeous! I am always lusting after pretty DAB ones. This is a lovely big hint for Ben hehe.

    Beth // SANS SOUCI

  3. Oo love the cushion!! great way to add a splash of colour.

    Teffy { Teffys Perks Blog }


  4. I really love that radio - that's going on my 'when I move out' wishlist! :)

    The Oxford Owl

  5. LOVE that radio! Happy Birthday lovely lady, hope you had a fab one!! x

  6. I love the radio! So perfect :) x


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