Long time, no see!

7 August 2013

Wow, it has felt like a really long time since I last sat down to write here that I am actually a little nervous about it. This post has that "new scary feeling" scribbled all over it but I am just going to plough straight through that and get cracking. I am going to begin with a list as lists are firmly planted within my comfort zone and my comfort zone is where I would like to stay:
1. I haven't been very well these past two weeks (hence the radio silence) BUT I'm finally starting to feel like myself again. Yippee. I don't want this space to become one where I natter on and on about my health hiccups but in a nut shell I have been suffering with really severe headaches and because of my meds to help these headaches, really low blood pressure. Thankfully my blood pressure is much more normal now but more than anything I find this whole thing super frustrating. I am working really hard to be healthier, correct my posture, become stronger and keep stress to a minimum but you know, I have come to learn that this is a part of my life and I must deal with it the best way that I can. I need to own this and I need to listen to what my body is telling me. Treatment is currently consisting of a lot of cuddles with Goblin and Ben, lots of yoga and meditation, a well balanced diet, twice weekly acupuncture and trying to be as stress free as possible.
2. I have found my new favourite place to go on my lunch break:
Although I am not a very religious person I hold a special place in my heart for churches. Every time I enter one it takes me right back to being a child and being taken to Church with my Oma for Sunday Mass. Churches and museums (but more on that later) are where I go to be still and peaceful, to connect with myself and to take fifteen minutes in the middle of the day to meditate. I haven't found a spot in London as quiet as this one and I always walk out of there more calm than I was when I went in.
3. I have a SERIOUS thing for strawberries and frozen vanilla yogurt at the moment. Oh Summer, stay for ever?
4. I have been reading and loving this today. Forgiveness, forgiveness, forgiveness. Juicy stuff.
5. A few weekends ago Ben and I took a trip to the V&A Museum.
We have a members card so were able to wander in and out of the exhibitions, but it was this (pictured above) that stole my heart this time round.
I hope you are all well and I cannot wait to catch up on all of your blogs! My bloglovin is telling me I have ALOT of catching up to do so I better be off!


  1. I'm glad to hear you are feeling better hun. That church looks beautiful, when I was in Rome I loved going into the churches there, so calm and peaceful. I tend to head to book shops to get my fifteen minutes of quiet within the city, I find museums stressful as they are always so busy, apart from the Hunterian, I love that museum.

  2. Gosh I'm so sorry about your headaches. But I'm glad you are feeling better, and I hope you continue to improve. Cuddles are the best medicine aren't they? :) I've been going through something very similar also this past week. A constant headache that comes and goes but never fully leaves and lots of anxiety. Nothing is working. It's starting to worry me a little

  3. Welcome back! I love Goblin's cat yoga that he's got going on there. Home you are feeling fully yourself soon :) Keep smiling!

  4. I ALWAYS have a thing for strawberries and frozen yogurt. No matter summer or winter.

    Teffy || Teffys Perks Blog


  5. Ahh you poor thing, I'm glad you're looking after yourself and starting to feel better. I don't really like small churches, (although that one looks so pretty) but I LOVE cathedrals, they're so peaceful and beautiful! xxx

  6. Oh my love, I am glad you're feeling better:) I am sorry you had to suffer. I would go with you on your lunch break for the rest of my life, so beautiful, my gosh.

    Also, I disagree summer needs to just go away.

  7. I'm very happy to hear you're feeling a little better now, not feeling your best is never fun!

    Jennie xo | sailboat.

  8. So glad you're feeling better! Love you, girl.

  9. Is that the church at the beginning on Sloane Street on the right? x


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