A rather bizarre monday morning.

12 August 2013

Today didn't start well. 
Because today started at 4:30am when Goblin decided it would be a great idea to play with all of my jewellery. After booting him off the dresser I got straight back into bed and expected to fall straight back to sleep. I wish. After laying there wide-eyed for 30 minutes I was in tears. The frustration filled black knot in my stomach kept growing and growing. I could not switch off my thoughts, they just kept running round and round, round and round. 

Then something changed: I realised that I am the one in control here. In that split second I saw my day could go two ways: the shitty way or the happy way. 
I wanted a good Monday.
Intention set: clarity gained. 
So I put myself in this yoga position and I meditated. 
Yup, all snuggled up in bed at 5am I meditated to come back to myself, to put myself in a place where I didn't have that ugly black knot anymore. I won't go too yogi on you, but the power of the breath really is something.
At about 6am I got up, put this music on and got myself ready for work. I left at 7am and prepared myself for the usual busy trains; kindle out, iPod on, bottle of water in hand. 
And you know what? This happened:
In the four or five years I have commuted I have never EVER been greeted by a completely empty train. I checked my phone no less than four times to make sure that it wasn't Sunday and I hadn't just made a total cock-up. 
Nope, it definitely was Monday morning. No cock-ups here. 
Instead, the universe had my back. I settled into my seat as ease and happiness settled over me. 
When I got to Victoria station, it was practically empty. 
I was gobsmacked. 
I practically floated to work. 
Sometimes the biggest shifts happen for me on days like this. When they are least expected. 

A few weeks ago I had quickly jotted down an affirmation that I like and tacked it to my computer at work, but it was only today that I realised that I truly believe in it:

I know that the Universe is working with me to provide me with my dreams.

I experienced a shift this morning at 5am and it resonated through my entire day. The mindset of abundance is a powerful one. 

You are shaped by your thoughts, you become what you think.

Choose abundance. Choose to believe that the Universe has your back. Choose love. Choose to smile. Choose to be grateful. Choose the present moment. 


  1. I love that affirmation that the Universe is working with us :) what an awesome thought. I'm so glad your Monday improved! xx

  2. Great great great post! The power of breath is amazing isn't it! I've just decided to get back into yoga and meditation I have no idea WHY I stopped. I guess busy life just got in the way. But it is true, the same as the saying you are what you eat, you also feel as you think. x

  3. Great post! Taking control of your mindset really does work! So glad your Monday turned itself around :) x

    Lozzie x


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