A mixed bag but stuff to look forward to!

19 August 2013

My weekend was a bit of a mixed bag:
Starting Friday night out with the girls at McDonalds? Winning decision right there.
 Spending the rest of the night laughing and catching up? Winning some more.
Pilates the next morning followed by a mani & pedi? Perfect.
Watching the worlds scariest film Saturday night? Not so much... me, Ben and Alex squealed like little girls throughout the whole thing.
Spending some time going through all of my memory box stuff and discovering some fantastic gems? Priceless. Begs the question though..what on earth am I doing with my face?
Watching the football with the boys Sunday afternoon? Dead boring. I did however drink a few cups of herbal tea and lots of cucumber water whilst at the pub though which I was pretty happy about.
Hunting for Ben & Jerry's Cherry Garcia ice cream later that afternoon and having to settle with a twister? Not impressed.
Meeting this handsome guy on said ice cream hunt? Adorable.
Having to do three hours of ironing Sunday afternoon? I really would have rather been watching football. But having these two there to keep me company? Much better.
So as you can see, it was a pretty mixed experience...but as of 5pm today I am on holiday for seven shiny days AND it's my birthday tomorrow!!
Tomorrow we are heading back home to Essex for a family meal to celebrate me turning 24 (eek!) and then bright and early Wednesday morning me and Ben are off to Amsterdam for 5 days, so if you have any recommendations anything to do while we are there please do comment away!!!


  1. I love a good girly catch up and drinks. Happy birthday for tomorrow and have fun in Amsterdam!

    Beth // sans souci blog

  2. All so fun! Happy happy birthday hope its a great one :)

  3. You look really disappointed with that twister, was it even worth buying! Happy happy happy birthday for tomorrow and hope you and Ben have a fantastic time in Amsterdam. We went last October and I loved it. Go to Bricks (think that's the spelling), the food is amazing and the staff so friendly. Do a canal trip (hard not too when you are in Amsterdam!), go on a walking tour, if you get the crazy Australian (can't remember his name) he will make it well worth the walk. Hire bikes if you really wanna take your life in your hands! Oh and if you want to go to Anne Frankes house the queues are mental! Enjoy! x

  4. Happy Tomorrow birthday! I"m so excited for you!

    But I'm pissed that ya'll get cheese sticks at your McDonalds. I just hate America right now.

  5. Ah, overall it sounded pretty awesome! :) I'm the weirdo who LIKES ironing things :L Happy {almost} birthday and I hope you have a good time in Amsterdam!

  6. Hehe your face with the Twister is a classic :) but you're still so pretty. Have a wonderful time in Amsterdam, it really is a beautiful place in parts. I really want to go back but do it away from the drug-fuelled seedy parts my ex boyfriend took me to, if you like a taste of beer (okay it was Belgian but it doesn't matter), go to the Arendsnest. There was also an incredible brassiere in the outskirts but I don't remember the name so that was pretty pointless. I look forward to your photos darling :) Lots of love, x

    [catch the trade winds]

  7. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Have fun in Amsterdam! I'm completely jealous :)

  8. Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Nic, Happy Birthday to you!!!
    I hope you have a wonderful and amazing day. You deserve it so much.
    Hope you're doing great! Missed talking to you lately.

  9. I hope you had a wonderful birthday. I used to live in Amsterdam for 2 years! It's my favourite place in the world so I hope you loved it us much as I do! I from Essex - small world. Where abouts in Essex did you go 'home' to?


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