When the sun comes out...

10 July 2013 does my Deadmau5 play list.

Ever since the sun made its glorious appearance last week I have been listening to this album NON-STOP and every time I listen it takes me right back to laying by our beautiful pool in the Tuscan mountains, drink in hand.
We listened to this album tonnes when we were in Italy last August. It was on this holiday that we nicknamed my Dad the "techno viking" (his dancing to this album was priceless - as were his generous rum measures), we ate some incredible pizzas and Wendy and I indulged in our love of prossecco every single day. Just because we could.
So I suppose this post is me simply wishing I was back in Italy. Bring on Amsterdam in six weeks!!!


  1. I think I'm old, I have NO idea who/what Deadmau5 is but I'm wishing I was laying on a beach somewhere with a cocktail in hand at the moment!

    Jennie xo |

  2. I am loving this unusually amazing British weather! Every meal we can eat outside we have! (Even though we have no garden pahaha!)

  3. I can't think of anything better than sitting in Italy with pizza and prossecco right much are last minute international flights again??


  4. Deadmau5 = <3 (whether priceless dancing is included or not ;D)

  5. Sounds heavenly! And I hope you have a wonderful time in Amsterdam!

    What strikes me about many of your posts are the refrences to your Dad. He sounds like quite the guy! It's lovely to see a close father daughter relationship.


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