Oh the things that I love...

1 July 2013

Peppermint and liquorice tea, yoga, acupuncture, sunny summer days, travelling, reading, bopping around to my favourite songs, green juices, writing, raw chocolate, journaling, long hot baths, galaxy counters, massages, cats, belly laughs with my friends, my nutribullet, yoga day retreats, taking a zillion photos, doodling, forgiveness work, walking around the london parks, healthy treats, my gorgeous and wonderful friends, holidays, antique markets, pimms, fresh flowers, giraffes, almond butter, stillness, creativity, my amazing family and most of all Ben...the bestest friend I could ever ask for...
The last few weekends have been so lovely (if not a little hectic) so when I get home tonight (and after my yoga) I will finally be uploading and editing the 6573 photos that I have taken recently and will be putting together some posts for you all! This will go down a complete treat with Ben as it means that he can finally finish his ps3 "shooty shooty" game that he has been playing.
Win win.
Some yummy healthy dinner and a nice relaxing bath before bed and it seems we will rescue Monday from those horrible Monday blues!!
What have you been loving lately??


  1. Monday blues are the worst and I seem to get them far too often.

    Spending time with my family; mornings when we have time to go back to sleep when Ava does; and wearing pretty summer dresses all are making me happy at the moment :)

  2. does sound like a lovely monday evening :) im in need of some rescue writing time... something that have let slip away over the last few months. however, i have been loving the easy, sunny days with lots of time spent outdoors with people i love.

  3. Loving all of those things!! Chocolate tea reading. Sunshine all of the many things I love! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Sounds like a lovely Monday! I have an exam this eve so it certainly beats mine! Things I've been loving lately is the weather, waking up from sunny snoozes in my mums garden, and catching up with loads of old friends. Aah, I love summer :)

  5. You too look so cute together <3 <3

    Long hot baths are the best, one of the only good things about the cooler weather I think!

    Jennie xo |

  6. cats and belly laughs... say no more x


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